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5G is readying for takeoff.

Over the next few years, 5G is positioned to become the standard for mobile communications technology, ushering in a new era of connectivity, speed and possibility. Mobile networks will be up to 100 times faster and have 1,000 times the capacity than we experience today. 

Businesses and consumers may finally have it all: high capacity, ultra-reliability, low latency, reduced energy usage and massive connectivity. 5G will connect business, people and processes at enormous scale. Telecommunications companies are mapping out new business models today to plug into the benefits of 5G. 

With the help of PwC, you can turn 5G speeds into new services, use cases and revenue opportunities. 

Rewriting telco business models 

With 5G, telecommunications companies can rewrite ‘business as usual’ and create new revenue streams, namely by serving 5G-reliant service providers in addition to end users.

In a business-to-business-to-X (B2B2X) model, telecommunications companies can monetise their network and adapt delivery to suit a wide range of use cases. By powering enterprises in every industry, telecommunications companies can boost their revenue potential. 

Based on extensive experience across industries, PwC can help organisations anticipate the impact of 5G and reimagine business models. With PwC, companies can find the right strategies and timing to create, accelerate and protect 5G investments.


Evolving telco business models
Evolving telco business models

How to grow the 5G telco market 

Over the next four years, telco companies are expected to invest heavily — up to US$57bn — to build higher network density, add spectrum and upgrade active equipment. To ensure they reap a fair return for the enormous investment in 5G, operators should think holistically about the monetisation opportunities, going beyond simply charging consumers more for faster data.

Telco companies should focus on three key areas to expand the 5G market:


Maximise country coverage

First, focus on 5G services that are compatible with 4G core mobile networks. As demand for 5G grows, carriers can update their core networks and offer more advanced services — funded by returns from earlier investments. 

Expand high-speed availability

Carriers can connect rural and dense urban areas to high-speed broadband through fixed wireless access. Deliver the speed of fibre-optic networks without the expense of laying fixed lines.

Reimagine products and revenue streams


Operators can connect to new revenue streams through B2B2X opportunities. The infrastructure, cloud-based services and hyperspeed of 5G are attractive to enterprises regardless of size or industry. Telcos can help companies connect 4IR technologies such as the IoT, blockchain, virtual reality and 3D printing. With tighter and faster connectivity, companies can build greater competitive advantages. 


Building a 5G strategy 

PwC can help you make sense of 5G. We explore how 5G may impact your entire business and make sure digital blueprints align with your overall strategy, operations, talent and the market.

We can model and test the impacts of your plans, so you can make informed decisions about your 5G future. Together, we can find and secure the best path forward, helping you to:

1. Define your growth strategy

We investigate markets, product and service designs, partnerships and deals, and then evaluate the possibilities. We help you uncover profitable combinations of 5G customers, channels and pricing. 

2. Optimise your operating model

Deploying the right operating model and infrastructure plans now and help the switch to 5G. We help you design front- and back-office infrastructure that enables 5G innovation and results.

3. Navigate risk

Pursue 5G with greater confidence. We help you interpret and respond to regulatory uncertainties, including spectrum feasibility, small cell deployment, trade barriers, data privacy and security.

4. Develop a digital workforce

PwC helps you identify and bridge skills gaps that might hold you back. We are investing US$1 billion in solutions and supporting programmes to create a connected ecosystem and drive innovation and quality. Based on our experience, we can help prepare your team to build and sell 5G products to a global market.

"Telco operators can monetise 5G with new revenue streams, which will require adopting new business models . Working as an enabler, they can partner with companies in other industries to co-offer 5G-supported products and services."

Wilson ChowPartner, PwC China

Latest 5G insights and trends 

Leverage our experience and insight to shape your 5G telco strategy. Explore 5G and issues affecting the telecommunications industry, based on decades of PwC experience globally. 

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