The new COO: Powering operations with artificial intelligence

Building an AI powered organisation

Companies today need what only truly modern operations can provide: broad and deep visibility into the operational value chain, including supply, manufacturing, distribution and demand; accurate forecasts of what might impact those operations; resilience in the face of potential disruptions; tools to help them quickly sense and predict changes in market demand; and the ability to quickly adapt the value chain to deliver on its promises to customers. 

The technologies to support this scenario are available today or will be soon. But to realize their potential, companies must: 

  • Assess what they are currently capable of and what they want to be able to achieve 
  • Understand how to shape their operational priorities, aligned with both their strategy and their customer and end-market needs 
  • Consider how the implementation of these technologies and tools will strengthen their organisation’s data fabric and enable effective and pervasive use of AI. 
  • What actions can COOs take now to get started?

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