PwC Outlook for the global sports market to 2015

Global revenues set to rise to $145bn

The second edition of our outlook for the sports industry predicts that global sports revenues will grow to US$145.3 billion over the period 2010 - 2015, at an annual compound growth rate of 3.7 percent. Drivers include a rebound in TV advertising, the on-going migration of sports to pay TV and the return of financial services and automotive companies to sponsorship, plus a number of major sports events in London, Sochi and Brazil over the period.

So, what's the story behind the data? This report gives our take on the trends impacting the key market segments:

  • Gate revenues – still the biggest source of revenues in most markets, but the success stories will be those who wrap their events inside a live entertainment experience
  • Sponsorship – sponsors are no longer just interested in raising profile, but about deeper engagement with the fans
  • Media rights – sport is going social – are you ready?
  • Merchandising –– are you able to engage with your online, global fan base?

We also explore the ongoing convergence of the sport and entertainment industries as both sectors rise to the challenges of new digital technologies which shape the way we spend our leisure time.

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