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Our global reach and resources provide health organisations with professional guidance on healthcare strategy and management their local markets.

Entering a new era of healthcare

As economic and geopolitical forces collide, a more dynamic and competitive marketplace is emerging. Technological advances, the emergence of a number of new entrants into the market, new business models and partnerships, greater transparency and alternative funding models bring cause for optimism. All this change will provoke turmoil but it will also create unprecedented opportunities.

PwC is committed to helping support the improvement of health and well-being around the world and are determined that our efforts have a positive impact on society. PwC helps clients across the healthcare field – from payers to providers, policy makers, investors and new entrants – keep pace with an industry that is rapidly transforming.

Our services

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Data and analytics

Organisations are adopting new approaches to turning data insights into tangible results. From strategy to execution to results, PwC can assist clients with: executive workshops, strategy and innovation pilots, proprietary benchmarks, advanced analytics, analytics apps with data visualisation, and advisory engagements.

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A transforming healthcare market demands greater accountability and transparency for quality, access, patient safety and health analytics. Using risk management processes and tools gleaned from other industries, our analytical modelling techniques can help assess, remediate and forecast health outcomes that bring value to patient safety reporting systems.

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Consumer experience services

Consumers are taking greater control over their health, which means that industry stakeholders must understand, predict and influence behaviours and decision-making. PwC helps businesses find the hidden sources of value that drive truly exceptional, distinguishing customer experiences—pointing the way toward both top-line growth and bottom-line results.

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Health crises services

Health crises have a profound effect on the security, economic, social and political fabric of society. Our team of crisis practitioners can access and convene the best skills, experience and knowledge from PwC’s network of member firms.

We work with you and by your side to prepare for, respond to and recover from crises, such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters.

That might mean:

  • Monitoring threats, and developing and stress-testing a strategy for the future,
  • Supporting with technology, analysis, stakeholder management, governance, and infrastructure as situations unfold,
  • Working together to turn recovery into an opportunity to grow as a ‘new normal’ emerges.

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Deals and corporate finance/funding

Budgetary pressures are forcing cuts to funding and driving down margins in mature markets, limiting growth. Meanwhile, companies in emerging markets are becoming more sophisticated and improving scale, lowering risks for possible mergers & acquisitions. PwC engages with clients in evaluating buy and sell side strategy and assisting with pre-deal financial, IT and operations due diligence, valuation and post-deal integration and divestiture services.

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Digital health

Technology and analytics is helping to transform the healthcare industry. Digitally enabled care is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a business imperative and systems interact with one another to make informed decisions about the delivery of care. PwC can work with organisations to ensure systems provide end-to-end delivery – from IT strategy to implementation.

For more global insights, visit our mHealth page.

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Economics is playing an increasing role in shaping the direction of healthcare policy. In most health systems, economics is used to answer questions about efficiency and value for money in the way healthcare resources are allocated. PwC can assist with strategy, economic regulation, and growth strategies, as well as manage the impact of changes in commissioning patterns and local markets.

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Hospital efficiency

Competition is relentless and pressing. So are the demands from all quarters that require providers to deliver better care for less money. PwC can help clients assess their structure, processes, rewards, metrics and talent to help optimise hospital labour, reduce costs and increase quality.

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Elderly care

In every region of the world the ratio of retirees to workers is rising, straining health systems and their ability to cope with the ageing curve. PwC can assist by analysing and offering solutions to reform and redesign policy systems.

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Forensics services

PwC’s forensics team works in partnership with clients to set up compliance frameworks, conduct compliance reviews, conduct anti-corruption investigations and implement fraud control methodologies. We also help with strategies, practices and technology tools to quantify damages and reduce the cost of disputes.

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Integrated care

Health systems around the world suffer from some degree of fragmented care delivery, along with payment systems that drive up costs. By aligning incentives between payers and providers, PwC can help design and implement effective integrated care pathways that leads to improved efficiency, reduced costs and better health outcomes.

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International development in healthcare

PwC assists organisations that span the international health value chain, including multi-lateral and bi-lateral funding agencies, academic institutions, foundations, non-profit organisations and private sector companies, to solve some of the most complex health related development challenges. We support the delivery of effective health solutions tailored to local circumstances and markets:

  • Development of global and national health strategies;
  • Large scale health fund administration;
  • Financial systems strengthening and audit;
  • Health systems strengthening, governance and capacity building;
  • Review and evaluation of national and local healthcare programmes;
  • Improvements to pharma research & development and health technology access;
  • Health information technology and procurement; and
  • Supply chain management.

Whether it's working with governments and organisations to implement national health programmes, managing global health funds, bringing research & development/healthcare solutions to scale or responding to global health crises, PwC is a trusted advisor that can help improve and protect the health of vulnerable populations around the world.

For additional information about our Global International Development work, visit our Global International Development practice web page.

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People and organisation

One of the biggest challenges facing any industry going through change - and this is especially true within healthcare - is acquiring and retaining talent. We can help clients with the technical and organisational issues that shape HR structure, improve the performance of their workforce, and manage their human capital risks.

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Public policy

PwC works with clients to help develop and implement strategies that engage government officials and others who influence public policy. Our approach emphasises on continual outreach and developing relationships with key decision makers at all levels of government with a broad range of interested stakeholders.

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Public-Private Partnerships

While the provision of health is widely recognised as the responsibility of government, private capital and expertise are increasingly viewed as welcome sources to induce efficiency and innovation. PwC’s international network and our specialist focus on PPPs means that we can bring locally-based experience and international expertise together effectively.

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Quality and safety services

Governments and organisations are facing growing pressure to reduce costs without impacting quality, safety, and access to care. PwC can help clients adapt their services and processes to drive greater cooperation among caregivers, providers and payers and encourage better outcomes with less risk of losing reimbursement.

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Health systems reform

Health reform efforts are changing the playing field, creating greater accountability for quality, promoting new care models, and offering new incentives. PwC’s integrated teams, comprised of global, regional and local practitioners, can help guide governments and organisations with healthcare regulation and reform as well as explain the financial implications of new health provisions.

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Regulatory services

The healthcare environment is becoming increasingly complicated with expanded mandatory compliance programmes, regulatory audits that are growing more intense, the use of data and analytics to ensure enforcement and more corrective actions, fines and sanctions. PwC has extensive experience in helping companies assess regulatory compliance, risk and their compliance programme governance and structure.

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Risk assurance services

Our portfolio of services were developed to help clients both protect value and improve business performance. In addition to performing internal audits, our global model is focused on:

  • Business resilience - Helping clients build risk resilient businesses through better identification, measurement and mitigation.
  • IT risk assurance - Designing and implementing IT risk and control solutions that reflect a complex and fast changing technological landscape.
  • Business controls advisory - Helping clients design, implement, test and optimise their internal control environment due to changes in business, regulation or the challenge of returning investment value.
  • Treasury and commodity - Managing risk and unlocking value from the treasury function.

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Security and privacy services

Healthcare companies need to manage massive quantities of data, from patient medical records to complicated rules for reimbursement. PwC can help companies secure this data through attack and penetration reviews and privacy/security risk assessments. PwC can also assess, recommend, design and test clients’ processes, systems and controls for compliance with applicable security and privacy laws.

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The new health economy is disrupting traditional roles, prompting companies to consider new business models. New entrants, which are defined as disruptive, recent arrivals to the health market, are coming from sectors such as telecommunications, technology and retail. They are redefining the industry for consumers, providers, payers and investors in both developed and emerging nations.

We help non-traditional healthcare companies develop new, high impact health products and services, and help traditional healthcare companies adopt and leverage relevant concepts from other industries. We are well positioned to help determine where to play, how to play, and what you can win in a shifting healthcare ecosystem. PwC can design and execute a sustainable business model that controls costs, defines product value, capitalises on technology and better aligns incentives, partnerships and deals.

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Tax and legal services

PwC offers a full spectrum of support from tax structuring and strategy to compliance services (including co-sourcing and outsourcing). We have experience in cross-border tax structuring helping clients address their needs by:

  • Staying abreast of developments within the international arena that may affect business, both globally and locally;
  • Formulating and executing cross-border strategies;
  • Complying with and responding to inquiries from tax authorities, globally; and
  • Managing their global structural tax rate.

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Emerging trends in healthcare

Significant disruptive trends are reshaping the world and revolutionising the health industry today. As a result, new business models are emerging, roles are shifting and incumbents are being supplanted by new players. These issues have always been prevalent but they’re becoming more pronounced as economic and geopolitical forces collide to create a more dynamic and competitive marketplace.

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