IFRS 17 Education Training Programme

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Get your teams prepared for IFRS 17

The implementation of IFRS 17 is likely to be a major challenge for the insurance industry, fundamentally changing accounting and reporting practices.

Our aim is to help key stakeholders in your business have a sound understanding of IFRS 17 and its business impact ahead of IFRS 17 implementation in 2022. We have developed a suite of training materials to be delivered in one of three ways; via PwC facilitated training, via the comprehensive PwC IFRS 17 e-learning curriculum, or a blend of the two.

Every stage of the journey requires training and education

Your education and training needs will depend on how far along the IFRS 17 journey you are. The breadth and depth of knowledge required by the key stakeholders in your business will expand as you progress along this implementation path. We will work with you to identify how far along the journey you are. We will then help you confirm that an appropriate level of training has been received by the stakeholders that need it most up to this point, and that the right people are upskilled at the right time to enable timely and effective implementation.

How to structure your training programme

We will work with you to assess the most suitable training format for the size and nature of your business. We will engage with you through an initial “Training Needs Assessment” to identify the format, level of detail, audience and content of the training programme that will best suit your needs, whether that be through a self-led e-learning curriculum, one time PwC-led training sessions as and when required, or through a tailored long-term training programme which will run alongside your wider IFRS 17 implementation programme.

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