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PwC can help make your crypto business a success

Digital assets are here to stay.

Digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs and CBDCs, as well as the evolution of web3 are game changers for financial services firms. We’re entering a new era, and it is the time to understand the space and find your opportunities. These are no longer far-fetched ideas — crypto and other digital assets are here to stay. Digital assets have the potential to impact virtually all areas of life and business in the years to come.

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PwC is committed to supporting our clients, both emerging players and established institutions, in the development of a robust digital asset strategy to seize the opportunities in a marketplace in which technology is evolving rapidly, and regulatory frameworks are only beginning to take shape. 

What type of clients do we serve?

PwC’s digital asset clients span a range of service providers, issuers and investors, such as:

  • Traditional financial institutions entering the digital asset space
  • Crypto exchanges and custodians
  • Payment processors
  • Digital asset banks
  • Token issuers (ICO, STO, NFTs, etc.)
  • Funds (Crypto funds, hedge funds, asset managers)
  • Governments, central banks, regulators and other policy makers looking at digital assets

What type of services do we offer?

Whilst the types of services we offer varies depending on a multitude of factors from the type of client to the jurisdiction, they generally include the following:

Digital Asset Strategy

Whilst no singular playbook for a digital asset strategy exists, firms that establish an approach early can differentiate themselves and shape the future of finance. PwC helps our clients to define a path forward, establish a target operating model and develop a go-to-market strategy that is tailored to their business model. Whether it is market landscape analysis, due diligence or feasibility and capability assessments, PwC can provide the insights and industry expertise that positions our clients to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. 

Risk Management & Controls

Wherever opportunities present themselves, risks aren’t far behind. That is especially true in the digital assets space, as capabilities, industry standards and the competitive landscape are evolving swiftly. To avoid potential pitfalls, firms require robust governance and control frameworks that remain flexible enough to adapt to that rapid pace. PwC’s services span the risk management lifecycle, from performing initial risk assessments, identifying control gaps and developing risk mitigation strategies to Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 and SOC 2 readiness assessments.

Regulatory & Legal Services

Digital asset market participants face a complex set of existing and emerging rules and legislation — and all roads are leading toward additional scrutiny. PwC’s multidisciplinary team, comprised of industry experts, former regulators and technical specialists, can assist in forming a compliance framework and strategy that enables firms to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in establishing KYC, AML and SOX readiness, licensing and approval, and regulatory exam preparation, response and remediation. In select jurisdictions, our qualified lawyers are available to assist you with the creation of fit-for-purpose legal frameworks, legal structuring, legal documentation drafting (including client facing and transactional documentation) and IP/employment advisory.

Cyber Security

The shift toward decentralized finance further exacerbates concerns over cyber security. In an environment that requires less and less physical interaction between counterparties or customers and increasingly relies on digitally automated services, firms are challenged to secure a growing attack surface as their digital footprint grows. Our clients benefit from PwC’s depth and experience working with large and complex financial institutions on vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and incident response, employing approaches that seek to enhance cost optimization and preserve digital agility. 


Digital assets are a new and rapidly evolving asset class, with several characteristics that make them unique from a taxation perspective. Existing rules have not typically been developed with digital assets in mind. PwC’s approach helps clients understand the tax consequences of their digital asset strategy and activities, including the characterization of asset classes, transfer pricing implications and reporting requirements. Armed with that understanding, our clients are able to refine their tax strategy and make informed structuring decisions that take into account differences between jurisdictions and evolving regulatory guidance.

Transaction Services

Traditional finance players may look to M&A as a means of acquiring talent, technology or entire businesses to accelerate the build out of digital asset capabilities, while existing crypto companies with strong balance sheets evaluate opportunities to buy out ailing competitors. And even amid uncertain market conditions, continued technical innovation of crypto and blockchain native entrepreneurs and companies will drive further fundraising activity. PwC has a proven track record of providing M&A support, valuation and due diligence, and IPO readiness services to market participants in the digital asset ecosystem. 

Audit & Accounting

Accounting for and auditing of digital assets can be complex. Practices and regulatory guidance surrounding asset classification, measurement requirements, fair value considerations, disclosures and 3 other issues continue to evolve. As financial institutions, corporates and consumers opt in to this nascent, but rapidly expanding industry, the need to build trust and instill investor confidence into a transformed financial system will increase. Our capabilities range from performing financial statements and ICFR audits, to assisting clients in the refinement of existing accounting policies — or establishing new ones where required.

Our team

Our Global Crypto team is composed of over 250 professionals across our network of firms, active in over 30 countries - including the most active crypto jurisdictions. PwC offers a range of expertise to help clients plan for the future, and to find your place in the crypto revolution. 

Web3 & Digital Asset Lead, PwC US

Partner, PwC Switzerland

Digital Assets Advisory Lead, PwC Germany

Crypto and Metaverse Senior Partner, PwC Hong Kong

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