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The future of financial services.

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PwC’s global virtual series showcases how Financial Services leaders are looking beyond COVID-19, understanding the scope of changes underway, and being bold in responding to them. Although COVID-19 presents significant challenges for the future, other fundamental factors are shaping financial institutions significantly. Our virtual series will explore what leadership teams need to understand, to secure their tomorrow, today.

Join us to hear insights from our leaders from across the globe, learn new experiences worth considering and explore topics relevant to the future of financial services organisations, such as productivity, the future of work, the deals environment, customer experience and more. 

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Global Financial Services Virtual Series: Productivity & Upskilling

Sustainable productivity improvement is imperative for the financial services industry, but it will be challenging without a strategy and set of goals that allow for their measurement and management.

An important element of this will be upskilling (including digital upskilling), employees in order to support the growth strategies of your business. Both the challenges and the opportunities in increasing productivity share a common theme — they require an explicit focus on building up new digital skills and capabilities. 

Join our panel as we explore the 5 areas were institutions can focus their productivity efforts: 

  • Understanding your workforce

  • Re-thinking the change functions

  • Bringing an agile mindset

  • Embracing the platform economy

  • Salesforce effectiveness

Monday February 22nd 2021
9:30 AM EST
2:30 PM GMT 

EMEA / Americas session

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Wednesday February 22nd 2021
1:00 PM HKT

 APAC session

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Global Financial Services Virtual Series: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

For some investors, financial return will remain the sole priority. However, a growing number of investors expect organisations to make environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues integral to their investment strategies. This shift is already having a revolutionary impact on performance objectives.

Has your financial services organisation embraced ESG? Join our panel as we unpack how to prioritise your activities and include ESG into your strategy as well as reporting.

Monday March 1st 2021
10:00 AM EST
3:00 PM GMT

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Wednesday March 3rd 2021
1:00 PM HKT

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Securing your tomorrow, today.
The future of financial services.

As you think about the future, having a structured way to think about your organisation, operating platform and overall business can help secure your tomorrow, today. Join our panel who will take you through the seven macro trends shaping financial services institutions and a framework to repair, rethink, reconfigure and report your results.


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