A Strategist’s Guide to Blockchain

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Banks, institutions and even governments are looking at blockchain technology as a secure storage and distribution solution. There is growing demand across the globe to understand the implications of blockchain and how to respond to it. PwC's FinTech solutions are positioned to become a catalyst for change & innovation in the financial services industry. While there is contained debate over the role of Bitcoins as a mainstream “currency,” the underlying blockchain technology, consisting of "blocks" of data in a digital ledger, is believed to be highly resistant to malicious tampering, thus offering significant advantages to governments, banks and the financial services sector. 

PwC understands the implications of blockchain to the financial services industry and has developed a team of global subject matter experts with the capability to help our clients learn, understand and benefit from these transformative technologies. The right combination of business and technology focus allows PwC to help our clients navigate this quickly changing landscape with a variety of tools. 

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