Working with Pernod Ricard to deliver digital integration

Setting the scene

A world leader in premium wine and spirits, Pernod Ricard prioritises innovation amongst their key strategies. But their US sales team’s toolsets were fragmented. The team was jockeying between spreadsheets and other files and lugging binders to client meetings. 

With a goal of being number one across the entire industry, the company required a digital transformation from the outmoded, unintegrated toolsets used by their sales teams and distribution partners.

Working with Pernod to deliver digital integration

“This is a game change because we now have all the information and tools we need to manage each distribution channel.”

Marc Andre,VP of IT Solutions at Pernod Ricard N.A.

How we helped

When the initial off-the-shelf platform didn’t meet Pernod Ricard’s demands, the PwC US team created ‘Briefcase’, a bespoke sales and distribution application. The team built a prototype, gave it to the Sales team to gauge performance and capabilities, and incorporated their valuable feedback.

The new app provides the powerful analysis and perspective of big data and the functionality of the Cloud. On their mobile devices, sales teams have direct insight and contact with all the distribution channels of their many brands. With a crystalline market view, management is now leveraging change rather than reacting to it, planning and executing at a higher level.

The KPI scorecard in the Briefcase app shows distribution compliance for the representative’s universe of accounts. By tapping into each account, they can easily view performance breakdowns and trends by tier, in addition to the rollup value.

“A prototype let the sales team use and evaluate the app before deciding on implementation.”

Ian Kahn,principal, PwC US


Now, rather than flipping between spreadsheets and binders, everything is in the sales team’s phone or tablet. With a tap on the screen, representatives can easily see information for each account, including to-do’s, upcoming events, call logs, photos, and contacts.

From sell sheets to recipes and shopper insights, all sales material is located in one spot for each brand. With a tap on an icon, material can be shared or selected as a favorite to save it for offline access.

Pernod Ricard works with independent distributors across the country who supply retailers, bars and restaurants. The Briefcase app is designed to serve them too, allowing instant communication on orders and deliveries as well as performance data. 

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 300% increase in account visits in the first three months: more people were using Briefcase to help them with their day-to-day activities.
  • 900% increase in social activity: the use of their social network tool built into the solution significantly increased in the first three months.
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