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Enabling our people to develop a digital mind-set

PwC's clients operate in a landscape that’s becoming more and more disrupted by digital technology. To help them convert this disruption into opportunity, it’s essential that we remain ahead of the digital curve.

PwC's new Digital Fitness solution aims to do just that, keeping PwC's people on top of the latest digital innovations. The solution starts with a short self-assessment, giving our people the ability to reflect on their current capability and spot areas where they need to improve. It also helps them to recognise digital strengths they can share with colleagues and clients. The assessment gives each person a score which they can improve by completing tailored learning recommendations. The mobile first approach has been deliberately chosen so users can access learning content quickly and easily, when they most need it.  

Digital fit

“The Digital Fitness Solution is very comprehensive in terms of the areas it covers, and provided an accurate reflection of my current knowledge…particularly emphasising the areas in which I do need to learn more.”

Mike Davies, Director, Global Communications, PwC

Digital Fitness empowers everyone to take control of their own digital learning and development. Learning content comprises small, bite-sized elements, in a wide range of formats (blogs, podcasts, videos, articles) brought straight to our people on the go, without the need for classrooms or trainers. The solution is cloud-based, can be used on multiple devices and is currently being rolled out across the PwC network.

Digital Fitness is an innovative individual learning resource for PwC's people, enabling them to better engage clients about the possible impact and opportunities of digital technology. It delivers a greater understanding of the new tools and technologies PwC is already offering around the world and most importantly, enables our people – and PwC's clients – to operate more effectively in an environment shaped by digital disruption. And, it was built role-modelling digital approaches and bringing together expert teams from across PwC firms and specialist areas.