Vicki Huff Eckert

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New Ventures & Innovation

Vicki Huff Eckert is the founder and leader of PwC’s US and Global New Ventures organization – an in-house incubator that designs, develops and markets technology offerings delivering value to our clients. Vicki’s New Ventures team has evaluated and incubated over 100 investments globally and, today, PwC has over 50 SaaS offerings in the market. 

As the leader of New Ventures, Vicki has overall responsibility for the design, build and marketing of PwC’s technology offerings. The New Ventures portfolio includes cyber, finance, risk and regulatory and workforce cloud-based solutions for small, medium, and large enterprise clients. 

Previously, Vicki served in a range of capacities for PwC, having led PwC’s Global technology industry as well as co-founding PwC’s Silicon Valley Advisory practice. Vicki has strong domain expertise in software and cloud businesses as well as a track record of building strong diverse teams. 

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