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New world. New skills.
Purpose: 2019 Global Annual Review

We know that automation is threatening many existing jobs, and that there is a severe shortage of qualified talent for the new digital economy. Together, these trends have broadened the gap between the skills people have and those needed for a new world.

There is an urgent need for organisations, governments, educators and citizens to come together to fix this growing problem. Business has an important role to play. We are committed to playing a part in tackling this growing mismatch. We’re aiming to help millions of people around the world improve their understanding, skills and knowledge for the digital world.

We will achieve this by accelerating the upskilling of our own people, helping other organisations prepare their workforces, convening stakeholders including governments and institutions, and making upskilling a key focus of our community programmes. Over the next four years, we are investing US$3 billion, primarily in training our people, and also in developing and sharing technologies to support clients and communities.

When you think about technology specifically in organisations, it is impacting every single job.

Carol Stubbings
Global Leader, People and Organisation,


Accelerating the upskilling of our own people

We are focused on digitally upskilling all of our 276,000 people. We will roll out different programmes that meet their particular needs, from skills academies to digital fitness apps to leadership development. A proportion of our workforce will develop specialist skills in areas including data analytics, robotics process automation and artificial intelligence for use in their work. For others, it’s about understanding the potential of new technologies so they can advise clients, communities, and other stakeholders. Read more.

Helping organisations prepare their workforces

We’re helping organisations in the public and private sectors to anticipate the skills they will need in the future, and work together on comprehensive solutions. Find out more.

Convening debate

Each nation will need to approach upskilling differently. This is a global issue, but each country will need to address it in light of their economy, demographics and access to technology. Therefore, we want to convene discussions and work with a broad group of stakeholders to help find solutions that work in each country.

Making upskilling a focus of our community initiatives

We know the digital divide exists and is becoming more pronounced. It is also likely to affect the most disadvantaged more acutely. Therefore, while many of our community initiatives are already focused on upskilling, we want to direct more of them to this area.

We also want to support the next generation. As a large employer, we have good relationships with schools and are working to upskill students and teachers.

For example, our Access Your Potential programme in the United States focuses on building the skills of teachers and students to ultimately build a more diverse tech-enabled workforce. In the United Kingdom, through the Tech She Can Charter, we are working with many organisations that share our vision to increase the number of women working in technology roles.

Find out more about our impact on society and key highlights for FY19.

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