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Post with care

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  We see the head and shoulders of a man standing in front of a plain background with purple light shining on him. We hear him speak

We live in a brave new world

We see graphics popping up on a close up of the man’s face as he delivers the script directly to the audience through the camera lens

A hybrid space -

We cut to a full length shot of him in a film studio surrounded by film equipment - lights, microphone and stand, playback monitors. Animated graphic icons of the online world - hearts, video play icons, speech bubbles - appear in the space around him.

A real and virtual place.

We see a mid-shot of him and the animated graphics continue.


A risky and rewarding embrace.

We see a close up of his hands

In real life, we flex how we behave - With family, friends and people we meet

The shots change very fast between him standing in medium, and wider shots. 

Then there is a split screen where we see the man in 5 different screens standing and looking to himself talking in the middle screen.

The color changes to blue and orange lighting with the man in a medium shot on screen. Graphics pop up beside him.


This is the me I want you to see

Now we live online, do we know where to draw the line? 

We see a close up of the man’s face, then a cut to the camera moving between his hands to cut to him standing in the middle of the screen as a medium shot while graphics pop up next to him.

How to maintain that consistent thread - Who we are; What we want to be. 


How to build up trust and our integrity.

Close up  and medium shots of the man’s face in neutral lighting.

In these times, we are exposed. So we need to ask ourselves before we post:

A close up in blue and orange light of the man. We zoom out and see more screens appearing with close ups of his face. 


Is this the me you expect to see?

Back to a medium neutral lighting shot of the man.

Do we think before we take that step?

To reflect.

Glitching on the screen happening while he talks. 


Correct. Exercise respect.

Close up shot of the man with orange background and graphics popping up next to him.

The beauty is, this works both ways.

We act to protect - You, as well as me.

Back to the beginning shot of the purple lighting and medium shot of the man standing in the middle of the screen. 


Knowing we come out on top when we take a moment and stop.

A wide shot of the man with purple and blue lighting while graphics pop up next to him.

Consider our place; Consider the time and space 


In which we operate.

A close up and then medium shot of the man’s face in a neutral/ red light.

Use discretion to full effect - not to defer, or to be afraid to self-express 


But so that we can always be ourselves, at our best.

Graphic effects caption & PwC logo: 

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