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Empowering women

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Text: The time is now to empower women and support gender equity in the workplace.

Alondra, Foreign trade specialist, Mexico City: “Some companies have the awareness to promote gender and social equality. I have participated in these initiatives, but I feel that there’s still a long way to go.”

Text: Our global workforce empowerment research finds that women and men want very similar things from work.

Text: But there is a divergence between what men and women are actually experiencing at work leading to a significant gender empowerment gap.

Text: For example, women have less autonomy over when and where they work, and are feeling lower levels of job fulfilment, and belonging.

Sheila, Financial Services professional, Cape Town: “We need to have conversations throughout all levels of the organisation to make sure that it is a workplace that everyone enjoys working in and one that they feel that they truly belong.”

Text: The good news is that the women in our study with higher levels of empowerment are significantly more likely to ask for a promotion, a raise or recommend their employer as a place to work.

Text: Supporting women’s empowerment is good for business, good for the economy, and good for society.

Kristýna, E-commerce, Prague: “I think it’s very important to publicly discuss gender equality and other social topics, because if people stay silent on this, nothing will move forward.”

Text: Explore the findings and learn more about empowering women at

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