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The female millennial

A new era of talent

The New Era of Female Talent 

Organisations the world over are currently facing the challenges that come with vast numbers of millennial talent entering and reshaping the workforce. In parallel, they are also challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions, and fast becoming concerned with the financial and competitive toll this could mean for their organisations.

Organisations looking to address the gender leadership gap must drive parallel efforts that tackle enhanced leadership diversity in conjunction with systemic change efforts targeting their workforce from day one. But to get this right, first, organisations must better understand how to attract, develop, engage and retain female millennial talent.

iwd female millennial

Key findings

The female millennial seeks out employers with a strong record on diversity

85% said an employer’s policy on diversity, equality and workforce inclusion was important when deciding whether or not to work for an employer. But their expectations are not always met: 71% feel that while organisations talk about diversity, opportunities are not really equal for all.

Career progression is the most attractive employer trait

Female millennials matter because they are more highly educated and entering the workforce in larger numbers than any of their previous generations. The female millennial is also more confident than any female generation before her and considers opportunities for career progression the most attractive employer trait.

Global experience is high on their agenda

Millennials view international experience as a vital element to a successful career and female demand for mobility has never been higher with 71% of female millennials identifying they want to work outside their home country during their career. Given only 20% of the current international assignees are female, this represents unprecedented international experience demand from the female millennial.

The female millennial welcomes and expects regular feedback on their job performance

Despite this generation being highly tech-savvy, when it comes to critical career conversations they value face-to-face conversations.

When it comes to the earning power and patterns, female millennials are very much trail blazers.

86% of female millennials that are in a relationship are part of a dual career couple. Furthermore, 42% earn equal salaries to their partner or spouse while almost one quarter are the primary earner in their relationships (24%).

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