Challenging, complex and fulfilling. What' it's like to work in technology

Melina Nava, Senior Manager, Technology Consultant, PwC US & Mexico

When Melina joined PwC back in 2009, she was just out of college with very little technical knowledge or experience. Fast-forward 14 years, and she’s a Senior Manager in the firm’s vibrant and growing SAP consulting practice. Her role includes advising major companies – often in the healthcare sector – on how to maximise the value from technology for themselves and their customers, and leading IT implementation projects for clients across the entire project cycle.

The work is challenging, complex and fulfilling. She loves it. And alongside delivering sustained outcomes for clients, one of the aspects she enjoys most is being a role model and mentor for the growing numbers of women joining the firm, particularly in the technology practice. Melina feels the focus on diversity has really come to the fore – and says it was given a further boost in 2021 by the launch of an Acceleration Centre in Mexico City, which brings together highly-skilled, diverse talent. Melina meets and socialises regularly with existing and new female staff at the Centre, to chat about their experiences and help them feel included and integrated.

“Gender diversity in PwC US & Mexico is just getting better and better. For example, today the Senior Partner is a woman, something I never thought I’d see when I joined. The doors are opening here for women. And we have our own forums – the Women in Tech Inclusion Network and the industry-wide Women in SAP – where we can share our experiences and build our networks.”

So, what brought Melina to PwC – and what has made her stay? In terms of joining, she saw a great opportunity to jump into the SAP world by joining a growing team. As to why she’s stayed, she cites two reasons. First, the opportunity to experience extensive technical training and project experience – both of which she’s received – while also building her career with aspirations of becoming a PwC partner, a role she sees as being highly entrepreneurial. Second, the firm’s values: act with integrity, make a difference, care, work together and reimagine the possible. Melina shares these values deeply – especially since all five help to foster inclusion – and feels completely comfortable working at PwC US & Mexico.

For Melina, two events have exemplified PwC’s commitment to keep enhancing inclusion and diversity – while also underlining the growing opportunities for women to ascend to the highest levels of the firm. One was the appointment in July 2021 the firm’s first female country senior partner (CEO), Ana Paula Jiménez. The other was the first time Melina met a female partner in PwC’s SAP practice, based in the US. Melina found both of these experiences inspirational – and they further confirmed to her that she made the right career choice in joining PwC. Melina also credits the amazing work done across PwC US & Mexico through the extensive PwC Women in Tech Inclusion Network. 

“The world is changing, not only in technology. And the abilities and leadership that women can afford to every business create proven benefits – not only for the businesses and women involved, but also for wider society. Bringing diversity of opinion and perspective into the conversation creates a win-win situation for businesses, individuals and society as a whole.”

When she’s not working, Melina loves sports, especially running and cycling. She describes her bike as “a really good friend,” and regularly takes part in cycle rallies around Mexico City. She’s also keen on dancing, and on parties based on themes such as the 1920s -complete with costumes to match.

LIGHTNING ROUND: quick questions and quick answers

From your experience, how do you sum up Inclusion & Diversity at PwC?

“I think that for PwC, I&D presents a great win-win opportunity.  To bring great talent into the business, for the firm to grow and innovate, and for talented people to build their careers.”

 What should others know about PwC’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity?

“People should know that I&D is really happening here. PwC is jumping into diversity, and things are really progressing. It's something we see and feel in our everyday work.”

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