Carbon offsetting

Offsetting our unavoidable emissions

Air travel is an essential part of how we service our clients, but it is also one of the largest sources of our carbon emissions. PwC member firms are adopting new meeting technologies, investing in research to advance greener air travel, running internal awareness campaigns, and reviewing travel policies to reduce our overall travel emissions.

From July 2019 to mitigate the impact of our unavoided air travel emissions, we are investing in a range of voluntary carbon offsets. Carbon offset projects prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere. Investing in these projects allows us to have an immediate and positive impact.

With support from our major supplier, Natural Capital Partners, our member firms select portfolios to reflect local priorities.  Underpinning our approach is a set of strict quality criteria, including ensuring our offsets are verified by an independent third party to an established standard or protocol.  Through our purchasing we seek to drive projects with multiple benefits, including helping to create renewables markets, to support local economic and social development and to create and sustain sustainable landscapes.

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