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Local communities are facing acute challenges

For years, there has been significant social progress across the world. Child mortality rates have improved, life expectancy has increased, and the number of people living in extreme poverty has dramatically reduced. Despite global progress "on average" many are feeling left behind. Local communities are facing acute challenges. 

Through our community investments we share our greatest asset - the skills, knowledge and talent of our people - to help create communities where people and business can thrive. We’ve already made an impact, as we move forward, our focus will continue to be on sharing our professional skills to help solve societal challenges in our communities, with a focus on sharing the skills people will need to participate and thrive in the digital world.

To better understand our community impact across the globe and our ambition to create a better society for tomorrow click below. 

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Our commitment

We’re investing in the future and growth of 15 million people, NGOs and social & micro enterprises to help them maximise their potential by 2022.

Jobs are changing, driven by the impact of breakthrough technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence, robotics to augmented reality and blockchain. The rate of change is occurring faster than ever anticipated. What and how we learn needs to transform.

Through our investment in education and skills building - from financial literacy to technical skills and mentoring - we're helping people to thrive by preparing them for the jobs of the future and the digital world.

NGOs are trusted to deliver support when and where society needs it most. Working alongside NGOs, we’re helping to build a stronger, more transparent sector.

New technologies are leading to the creation of new business models, especially for startups unencumbered by the infrastructure of the previous century. Using the power of the marketplace to solve society's most urgent issues, social and micro enterprises have the ability to transform systems. We’re sharing our expertise to empower entrepreneurs to be the disruptors of tomorrow and we’re helping them scale for even more impact. 

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Our volunteers

Meet our PwC volunteers who are helping people and communities thrive.

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How we are performing

At PwC, one way we measure the impact of our community investment activities is by a beneficiaries reached metric, using the London  Benchmarking Group's framework. Building individuals skills, supporting social and micro enterprises and building NGO capacity are the pillars of our strategy.  We define beneficiaries reached as: 

- individuals external to PwC, 
- the number of individuals we support through education and skills building programs (students, educators, NGO and social enterprise employees),  
- the number of social and micro enterprises we support by providing skilled volunteering, pro-bono services and financial investment, 
- the number of NGOs and NPOs we support by capacity building, increasing their scale and effectiveness and by helping to strengthen their accountability, transparency, reliability and profile.

For more detail on how we calculate our beneficiaries reached metric please click here

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