Community engagement

Contributing to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges isn’t something we do on the side. Our community investments simply allow us to extend our impact. We focus our efforts on sharing our skills and experience to 'Maximise Potential' - of individuals through education, of social enterprises and of the NGO sector.


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Investing in skills

Labour markets are transforming, driven by rapid technological change and changing socio-demographics.  In this year’s CEO survey 72% of CEOs were concerned about the availability of key skills and most CEOs (75%) said that a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce should be a priority for business in the country where they’re based. 

Through investing in education we enable our network an access point to help solve important problems and power an effective skills transition.

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Supporting NGOs and social enterprise to accelerate societal change

Social enterprise and NGOs are solving some of societies biggest problems and our global network of people have the skills and knowledge to support them. From working to build trust and transparency in the NGO sector to directly supporting the start up of innovative social enterprises, we’re working across the globe to accelerate change in collaboration with those having some of the greatest impact in creating sustainable and enterprising economies.  

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Family in flood water

Helping in disaster

As global humanitarian disasters increase in frequency we continue to explore how we can best support people and communities affected – utilising our skills and experience. For example, teams from PwC Netherlands are helping towards the refugee crisis by bringing together key stakeholders to find the best solutions to issues such as refugees getting permits to access regular home and work opportunities. We also work with others through our Global Crisis Centre – supporting clients prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis.

As disasters increase, the economic losses and impact on business is being increasingly recognised.  That’s why we worked with the UN to co-create the R!SE Initiative which aims to contribute to risk resilient cities through risk sensitive investments.

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