PwC named a leader in Communications and Change Management Consulting 2019

The ALM Vanguard: Communications and Change Management Consulting 2019

According to the report, The ALM Vanguard: Communications & Change Consulting 2019: “The transformation of communications and change management consulting is gaining momentum as providers continue to innovate around two prevailing forces. The first is client demand for business outcomes at speed. The second force is the increasing influence of social business models in organisation design.” 

Commenting on the leader status, ALM states that “PwC advanced their leads in a field of compelling innovators and its BXT service delivery model is transforming how clients experience change management at scale.” 

Liz DeVito, author of the report, says that: “PwC’s advancing position is directly related to its success using the BXT service delivery model for change engagements, where creativity and risk-taking are speeding implementation and rapid adoption in clients’ change programs. At the same time the [network] firm is innovating services and solutions to strengthen its systems for social change management, [PwC’s] Strategy& consultants are engaged with academia in researching the business and science of change.”

Commenting on PwC’s approach, DeVito states, “PwC has evolved its approach to change management in line with ADAPT, a framework developed by the [network] firm’s strategy consultants to help clients analyse the implications to their business of megatrends that have shifted from pending and amorphous to urgent and real. The acronym conveys the verb that lies at the heart of PwC’s change philosophy, which is that organisations must adapt to new norms by building an intrinsic capability for change. While PwC’s approach continues to emphasise a core belief that people are the true drivers of change, the process is anchored in a cycle that focuses clients on the need to continually align, engage, enable, and evolve its people in tandem with shifting organisational strategies.

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“Success in business hinges on strategic agility and the ability to execute. Today’s challenge is helping our clients to build their own change capabilities and at the enterprise level become genuinely adaptive organisations. We recognise that no single methodology fits every company so we work with each individual client to build a set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be tailored specifically for them. We are really pleased to have received this recognition by ALM Intelligence.”

Varya Davidson,Joint capability leader Culture, Leadership & Change and Partner, PwC's Strategy&, Australia

“We are delighted to be named a leader by ALM Intelligence. Putting people at the heart of change is more likely to deliver positive outcomes. We work with our clients to deliver a strategic approach to change by understanding what’s driving the need for change, what needs to change and helping them identify a clear vision.”

Bhushan Sethi,Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation, and Partner, PwC US

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