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This page features selected analysts reports from ALM Intelligence for PwC's People and Organisation practice

The ALM Vanguard: ALM Vanguard of Talent & Leadership Consulting

Liz DeVito, author of the report, states, "PwC stands out for exceptional breadth and depth of consulting capabilities bolstered by a diverse combination of resources, including its Strategy& affiliate, Katzenbach Center, PwC Saratoga, and one of the most comprehensive portfolios of digital assets in the market today."

The report assesses PwC’s approach, notably their focus on creating clarity and implementing cross-functional alignment, “The consulting approach seeks to create clarity around the value proposition for aligning talent to business strategy and transforming siloed capabilities into a talent ecosystem that transcends the boundaries of HR. The firm’s Workforce of the Future platform was designed to help clients achieve a level of clarity that enables the development of an integrated, multidisciplinary, and centralized approach to talent management.”

The author goes on to review PwC technological capabilities, stating “PwC’s Workforce of the Future platform provides the client with a framework for thinking about how social, technological, and demographic trends might reshape their workforce and talent requirements…Connecting to the business strategy is a function of PwC’s strategy-to-execution service delivery model, while the firm’s BXT philosophy ensures an end-to-end transformation method that incorporates strategy, design, and implementation.”

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"We believe talent is the backbone of an organisation and our goal, at PwC, is to support our clients in implementing solutions that serve their people and therefore the group as a whole."

Bhushan Sethi, Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation, and Partner, PwC

"By helping companies to better plan for the future of work today, by embedding scenario planning in all areas of business strategy, will enable them to thrive in this ever changing world of work."

Bhushan Sethi, Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation, and Partner, PwC

The ALM Vanguard: Talent and Workforce Consulting

The report looks at the consultants who are playing a central role in talent and workforce strategy and assesses firms in terms of their relative ability to create impact for their clients. It has rated PwC a global ALM Intelligence Vanguard Leader in this field. It recognises the firm’s combined deep industry and technology expertise from across its network with a cross-functional, agile approach to designing and delivering talent solutions that emphasise employee-centricity, speed, and creativity.

Liz DeVito Associate Director, Management Consulting Research at ALM Intelligence, and author of the report, recognised that PwC stood out from its peers for its capability development & enabling tools. She commented:

“PwC hosts an unparalleled portfolio of tools, frameworks, analytics, and models for designing and executing strategies at every phase of the talent life cycle, thus providing an end-to-end platform – and provider relationship – for building an integrated and coherent employee experience. The firm’s Workforce of the Future perspective is a differentiator in the market, as the framework, which is based around four future worlds defined by possible scenarios that have resulted from the impact of global megatrends, provides a starting point for exploring talent strategies which can be applied to today’s planning. This then determines the right mix of consulting competencies required to help clients execute talent and business strategies.”

Source: The ALM Vanguard: Talent and Workforce Consulting

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