Public law


The legal questions arising from public commercial law are complex and diverse. We are familiar with the legal problems that have to be handled by the administration of states and municipalities, and the undertakings of institutions. In most cases, not only legal and tax issues but also technical, economical and political points have to be considered. Combining all of these issues and considerations into one, seamless legal strategy is one of our particular talents. Besides public administrations, we also provide counsel in such areas as water supply, and disposal and short-range public transport. In doing so, we focus on the law of public procurement, state aid and fees. In addition to the legal advice provided in preliminary stages, we also offer qualified and reliable legal representation in proceedings and arbitrations. And we are in close contact with, and cooperate closely, with associations and interest groups in public administration.

Our experience of working on a large number of projects with public clients, it is clear that only a deep knowledge of the public procurement law's complex rules and how to make use of them enable us to offer clients a wide range of benefits.

Our counselling service in state aids centre on the financing structures for public undertakings and for services of general interests. These are drafted and amended so as to meet the provisions of the EU.