Global governance


Global governance concerns the implementation of effective internal controls and policies in order to avoid potential mismanagement, and help to control governance risks. We work with you to first, evaluate your approach to the governance of your global entities; and second, to implement effective governance frameworks to meet your global governance needs. This could include adopting internal procedures to ensure consistency around subsidiary board reporting, the manner in which corporate changes to overseas subsidiaries are approved, and to ensure overseas board members are clear about the duties they owe to each individual entity in line with local legislation.

For companies listed on an international stock exchange, our approach can be tailored to meet your specific country requirements. But, at its core, we can carry out a review to ensure that a stock exchange listed entity is acting in accordance with its specific continuing obligation requirements in their applicable global territory.

The PwC perspective

Working with our colleagues in the PricewaterhouseCoopers global network enables us to have easy access to tax and accounting specialists who compliment our services through their Global Compliance Services network.

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Working alongside our corporate lawyer colleagues we can provide assistance on corporate simplification or group restructuring projects in an unparalleled number of territories

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