Resource scarcity and climate change by Dennis Nally

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Technological breakthroughs

Bob Moritz

By Bob Moritz,
PwC US senior partner

Every hour of every day, breakthroughs in frontiers of research and development ranging from nanotechnology to robotics are opening up new opportunities for businesses and individuals. Across these areas and more, a perpetual flow of ideas and innovation is creating ever more powerful enabling technologies, whose potential uses are limited only by the human imagination.

Technological breakthroughs

This constant cycle of innovation is enabling entire new industries to rise almost overnight, bringing major implications for the size and shape of the world’s manufacturing and high-tech sectors and companies. And capital is moving to follow the innovation, as private equity providers seek out new funding opportunities across the globe.

In many cases, developments in different technologies will be mutually reinforcing. For example, advances in nanotechnology will help to deliver the massive computing power needed for breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. And ever more widespread mobile communications will allow the benefits of innovations in every sphere to be delivered remotely on-demand to people worldwide.

As technologies progress from research concepts to prototypes to applications in affordable consumer goods and industrial processes, they will generate step-change improvements in efficiency and productivity. In my view, these advances will in turn trigger a strong acceleration in economic growth towards the end of the coming decade.