Quality of Service Monitoring (QSM) for postal operators & regulators

PwC can offer a full suite of services to assist postal operators throughout the cycle of implementing a quality driven, robust and reliable Quality of Service Monitoring (QSM) system. In particular, PwC brings:

  • Experience in performing quality of service monitoring assignments with an understanding of the legislative, regulatory and internal requirements.
  • Innovation and technology to maximise the value delivered out of systems.
  • Relationships from a team that shares your vision and brings a collaborative approach.
  • Comfort from a partner that will work with you through set-up and operation and will mitigate any ongoing risks.
  • Assurance through a reliable, credible and capable brand with a proven assurance methodology.

Innovation and technology
We leverage our state of the art technology and systems throughout our QSM assignments. In particular, we leverage the extensive features and functions of PwC proprietary Visual QSM© software. This specialized software has been developed by PwC for supporting our postal QSM assignments, and has been successfully deployed. This enhanced software delivers:

  • Analytics and key performance indicators that will bring real time insights to the performance results, to help you target proactively service failures.
  • Performance management of the panel, through stringent key performance indicators, which will safeguard the reliability of the performance results.
  • Flexible and dynamic statistical modelling, to help better develop a dynamic survey design that will enable you to reduce mail volumes while maintaining accuracy level estimators.
  • Web based reporting and panel management.

Our culture is to work collaboratively with our clients. This ensures that:

  • You receive no surprises through early identification and resolution of issues.
  • We leverage our excellent relationship with world leading suppliers of RFID equipment to deliver success.
  • Our team will work closely with your people to deliver a successful result, with knowledge transfer at each project stage.