Setting up the system

Its next steps are to create a ‘mobile health system’. From home, a patient can monitor their symptoms and receive lifestyle, diet and educational support. Through Apollo’s diabetes programme SUGAR, diabetics can SMS their blood sugar count through the system to a clinician. They receive a text back explaining the numbers and what they should do, with more support coming from medically staffed contact centres. Early signs of success are encouraging.

Seeing the system through

The future looks to link health providers, payers and mobile phone suppliers. So, when someone buys a new phone, they’ll be asked to enter their health records. Partnerships with health insurance companies to reduce the cost of mHealth will broaden its coverage even further.

The highway of the future

Unified standards for eHealth records could see a fluid exchange of health information between multiple providers. By partnering with health insurance companies, Apollo hopes to make mHealth an integral part of the care process, rather than an alternate method of care.