Financial management and reporting for IPSAS compliance

By introducing IPSAS and IPSAS-based accounting, you, as a public entity, demonstrate:

  • your commitment to improving the use and management of resources
  • your desire to promote enhanced financial reporting and transparency, plus greater accountability
  • your pledge to fight fraud and corruption

Your challenges

You want:

  • the additional information provided by IPSAS financial accounting to be easily utilised by management
  • to ensure that financial and budgetary accounts are complementary, readily reconcilable and provide your organisation a full view of its financial management
  • to use the enhanced information available from IPSAS to generate operational performance improvements by introducing further reforms such as cost accounting

How PwC can help you

We have two aims:

  • to help you improve the quality and credibility of your financial management information
  • to guide you in using reporting for compliance and performance improvement

Our solutions range from compliance reviews looking at whether IPSAS requirements are met in financial statements and annual reports, to the development of cost accounting, billing solutions or other management reporting that will help generate real operational performance benefits for your organisation.



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