Forward thinking finance: The growth challenge

This joint study with HSBC explores the rapidly evolving issues facing CFOs and corporate treasurers in companies with a turnover of up to €2bn at this critical juncture in the economic cycle.

Many European businesses are moving back onto a growth footing, with a key target being the rapidly expanding markets of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. This shift in strategic focus is going to have a profound impact on the way companies fund their businesses and manage their finances. The most effective finance and treasury teams are developing the forward-looking analysis and insight needed to strike the right balance between curbing finance costs, ensuring effective risk management and the flexibility to capitalise on opportunities.

The study examines the key financial challenges confronting European companies and the different ways they are adapting to the particular demands they face. We believe that success will come down to how well companies address four pressing demands:

  • Objectively reviewing their financing strategy’s alignment to the corporate strategy.
  • Assessing existing funding arrangements against the ability to meet the operational, financial and business development priorities in areas such as acquisition and new market entry.
  • Putting in place the processes, information and support needed to be able to provide the most effective insight, control and efficiency.
  • Underpinning this with regular periodic Finance function effectiveness evaluation to drive continuous improvement.