People and organization

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Achieving value through your people

Getting the best from your people at every level when there is constant change is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Solid strategies, processes and technology alone do not deliver results. It takes people to accept, adopt, and drive change in order to achieve real value over the long-term.

But how do you know you have equipped your people, aligned your culture, and developed your leadership to succeed – no matter what challenges get put in your way? And how can you make sure your HR strategy and your operating model are both aligned to your business strategy?

You can begin by asking yourself some key questions about your organization, including:
  • Are our people equipped to support our strategy?
  • Do we have the right workforce to execute our business strategy?
  • How can we change our structure and people processes to better meet our business objectives?
  • Will our organizational structure be sustainable for the long-term?
  • How will the characteristics of our workforce change in the years ahead?
  • How can we foster a culture where people have the change agility needed today?
  • Are we getting the right return on investment from our people?
  • How can HR become a more strategic partner at the leadership table?
How PwC can help

Our People and organization team will work with you to strengthen the impact of your talent – from helping you design and implement end-to-end HR transformation initiatives to helping you embed a culture of change within your organization and building the right talent management strategy to drive success. We can also help you measure the impact of your talent management initiatives so you can change course as needed to achieve the results you desire.

Find out more about how we can help you:
  • Improve the effectiveness of your organizational design
    • Change or redesign your organizational structure and business model to align with your business strategy
    • Clarify work responsibilities, governance and reporting processes and other organizational elements to drive new behaviours that will support achievement of your objectives
  • Make change stick within your leadership
    • Define a best-fit change approach that will help you realize the benefits of change within your organization
    • Embed flexibility and change leadership competency within your corporate culture
    • Implement appropriate stakeholder engagement and communication plans
  • Improve your talent management
    • Develop and implement talent management strategies that will help you achieve your business goals
    • Embed workforce planning and performance into your organization– from recruitment to succession planning
    • Improve leadership capabilities within your organization
    • Enhance performance by making culture ‘tangible’
    • Link performance and rewards to your strategy and reinforce the behaviours that will drive success
  • Transform your HR function
    • Develop new strategies for managing people
    • Improve the impact of your HR function, by aligning your delivery model, people, processes and technologies with your business structure
    • Build the necessary capabilities in your HR function to deliver value adding people programs
    • Create an employee experience that gives you a distinct competitive advantage
    • Evaluate and implement technology solutions to optimize service delivery and support decision making with solid information
  • Measure the impact of your people using SaratogaTM
    • Conduct workforce performance benchmarking and develop dashboards of results
    • Obtain HR customer insights through surveys in order to inform the design, delivery and success of your HR transformation initiatives and activities
    • Conduct employee engagement and workforce surveys in order to understand your customer experience – from hire to exit

Contact us today to see how our People and organization team can help.