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Beyond COVID-19: Thriving in a post-crisis workplace in Sri Lanka

PwC HC Leaders' Pulse Survey 2020


Since COVID-19 Virus was declared a global pandemic, it has brought about significant changes to everyone. Organizations have had to respond quickly to address these changes and other significant challenges such as working remotely.

It was apparent that 82% of business leaders and HR personnel who took part in the survey, believe that their training budget reduction would be less than 40%, showing that although times have changed employee training and upskilling still remains crucial for their business to stay ahead in the corporate world.

To help you identify these changes and potential impacts to your business, PwC's Academy has conducted a survey to help organizations identify the current business trends, such as digital transformation, design thinking and innovation, as well as their response to the pandemic.

Just like previous pandemics, this pandemic too has been a major learning curve worldwide. It is clear, throughout the survey, that organizations aim to stay ahead of the competition while aiming to incorporate new business plans. We believe that organization should not only adapt to such changes, but also incorporate these new innovations permanently into the new normal, so that we have gained the maximum out of what this situation has offered.


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