Episode 73: Financial Transactions Transfer Pricing – June 2021

June 29, 2021


This Financial Transactions Transfer Pricing quarterly podcast features a discussion of the end of LIBOR, focusing on why and when the majority of LIBOR term rates will expire and the replacement rates; certain exceptions with regard to US dollar LIBOR tenors; general tax and transfer pricing considerations; potential challenges converting from the old overnight LIBOR to the new overnight reference rates, and available options for reference rates with a longer maturity; developments across the Asia-Pacific region; and key takeaways.


  • David Ledure – Transfer Pricing Partner, PwC Belgium
  • Dan Pybus – Transfer Pricing Partner, PwC UK
  • Edwin Baghdasarayan – Transfer Pricing Partner, PwC Australia
  • Bob Ritter – PwC US Financial Transactions Transfer Pricing Leader

Contacts: David Ledure, Dan Pybus, Edwin Baghdasarayan, Bob Ritter

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