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Businesses go through all sorts of changes during their lifetime, whether it’s a new CEO or management team, acquisition or merger, or implementation of a new strategy. Good leadership is essential during these times of transition, but also when it’s just business as usual. Leadership as an organisational capability is essential to driving business strategy, implementing change and cultivating innovation within the organisation. Underperforming leadership can negatively affect the quality of business decisions, decrease trust in a business and create low employee engagement.

“The world marketplace is driving convergence and consolidation, globalisation, technology and demographic change. Building leadership mastery in this market to lead through harmony and conflict requires a very different leadership development focus.”

Dani Fraillon, Global Leadership Leader

Are you bringing together a new leadership team and are struggling to achieve the results you want? Are unaligned or underperforming leadership groups negatively affecting the quality of business decisions and inhibiting delivery? Do you feel you have leadership development strategies which are not delivering the required results? Are you aware of the impact your leadership has on investor confidence? Or, do you want to improve your employee engagement and feel that improving your leadership capability is the key to success?

How we can help

We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to understand the team performance along with their personal capabilities, roles and leadership style, and help them develop future strategies for their organisation.

Top team effectiveness

We work directly with senior leadership groups to ensure they achieve maximum impact and team performance. Our four step approach - which includes understanding leadership team fundamentals, capabilities for performance, developing the right teaming models, and a focus on emotional commitment - sets a top team on the path to improving its effectiveness and performance.

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Leadership assessment and succession planning

We help you to define the leadership capabilities required to execute your business strategy. We analyse individual leaders’ skills and capabilities to determine leadership potential and development, and the right pipeline of talent for your organisation.

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Leadership development, design and delivery

We help organisations understand what leadership means for their organisation by defining the core leadership model which is supported by tools and processes. We work with leadership teams to assess their needs, design, develop and deliver the learning experience, then evaluate to sustain learning.

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Leadership through transformational change

Leading an organisation through transformational change requires individuals to take time to understand how they may need to change their personal leadership style and how they work with colleagues to successfully support their organisation and navigate through a successful transformation.

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