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Working across borders: PwC's Global Employment Legal Services

In a fluid, fast-changing global marketplace, the ability to adapt is crucial to the survival and growth of businesses.

Given the pace of today's world, there is a high likelihood that your business has on its horizon an expansion into new territories, a re-location of part of its operations or the preparation of a deal, either on the buy-side or the sell-side.

Regardless of your business's situation and needs, one thing is clear: the quality of your legal support network will affect the effectiveness of your response in both the short and the long-term.

Adding value for you — with strategic, multi-territory legal advice

PwC's Legal Services has a presence in over 80 countries and regions. Working together with PwC’s International Tax Services and Global Human Resource Services teams, we can provide support in the  jurisdiction where your organisation mayt be doing business.

Our network of professionals across the globe provide a co-ordinated approach

Undertaking a major corporate re-organisation or a territorial expansion can be a tremendous burden for a tightly staffed business. Business acquisitions, re-organisations — even conducting on-going business­ — involves several interrelated workstreams; managing them can put a strain on an already tightly staffed business.

The following are the areas in which we typically provide multi-territory employment law support whether you are starting up a company, during the lifecycle of your company or during restructuring and termination processes.

Start up considerations include:

  • Managing and advising on the optimum employment structure
  • Facilitate local compliance of employment documentation
  • Implementing global HR policies
  • Implementing compliant recruitment processes
  • Advising on employment status

We also offer ongoing advisory services around:

  • International employment law compliance
  • Structuring and documenting international assignments
  • International training programs
  • Employee relations
  • Business acquisitions

Advice during restructuring and termination processes include:

  • Managing and advising on cross border restructuring programs
  • Reducing people related costs
  • Complex individual dismissals
  • Documenting and negotiating settlements

When you work with PwC's Legal Services professionals, you have the option of a single point of contact to coordinate the management of the workstreams of a major project — including HR, corporate tax and legal, governance and accounting — all working together to support your own resources.

Whatever organisational change you are contemplating, we invite you to explore the many ways our global legal network can assist you.

Contact us to learn more about PwC’s Global Legal Employment Services.

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