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Our NextGen Network currently has more than 2,500 members from around the world. Be a part of this exclusive network - both globally and locally - and connect with your peers as well as iconic family business leaders, successful business practitioners, entrepreneurs, and the people in our network you think will take you ahead of the game.

NextGen Network FAQs

What are the qualifications or criteria to join the Global NextGen Network?

You must attend one of the NextGen Academies (Explorer, Accelerator or Leader) and therefore, be between the ages of 16-38 years old. We expect you to join and actively contribute to our complimentary online live learning and networking sessions on a regular basis.

What are the qualifications or criteria to join a local NextGen Network?

Each country and region has their own set of qualifications. You are usually expected to have a role in your family business or have set up your own entrepreneurial business. If you are interested in joining your local NextGen Network, please reach out to the contact listed in your country or region.

Can I become a part of both the local and Global Network?


Is there a cost associated with any of the NextGen Networks?

No, there is no financial commitment or requirement. However, your commitment and active contribution is the value we are looking for.

What’s included as part of joining the Global NextGen Network?

Being a part of our Global NextGen Network provides access to a variety of global networking and learning events (virtual and in-person) including our Annual NextGen Reunion. By becoming part of the network, you will meet your peers around the world and we will help you make connections to the networks that matter most to you.

What’s included as part of joining the local NextGen Network?

Each territory network has their own unique offerings, so please reach out to the contact in your country or region for more information. Local networks may also receive special invitations and opportunities to join Global events.

“PwC NextGen is a great place where your brain is challenged to think big. Not only do you learn about family business, but you also become part of an incredible network.”

Theodora PopaVice President, Transavia SA, Romania

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Peter Englisch

Peter Englisch

Global Family Business and EMEA Entrepreneurial and Private Business Leader, Partner, PwC Germany

Andrea Baars

Andrea Baars

NextGen Program Lead, PwC Germany

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Cydnee Griffin

NextGen Program Manager, PwC United States