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Finding the next best investment opportunity isn't easy. PwC is here to help. With a unique startup network at all levels and stages of growth, we can help you find the right startup targets. From corporate venture capital organisations to startup investment, we will assist you with a qualitative dealflow or setting up your own venture capital office.

Startups and scaleups are rapidly changing the world around us, enabling a human-led and tech-powered future. 

Investing in startups could be risky, but the rewards can be huge. Whether you want to start innovating with ambitious founders, invest in new disruptive technologies, diversify your portfolio or simply generate an attractive financial return, we can help Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, Family offices or corporate funds to achieve sustainable profitable growth and unlock investment opportunities in the region.

By making our PwC network available, we bridge different ecosystem players to quickly connect you with the right opportunities, clients and contacts across EMEA and globally.

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Our solutions for investors

EMEA Raise | Ventures

Find the investment opportunity that's right for your business:

Our professionals are fully immersed in the startup ecosystem. We leverage our PwC EMEA network to work closely with leading advisors across different markets and help you find the match for your portfolio that meets your defined criteria. 

For more information on how we can help you, please see our EMEA Raise page.

EMEA Corporate venture capital (CVC)

Identify, collaborate and invest in startups to innovate:

Setting up your own corporate venture capital units opens the door to future technologies, markets and expertise. PwC can help you make that happen.

Learn more about our services on the EMEA CVC page.

An EMEA Startup podcast series

Startups of today for the impact of tomorrow explores how startups and scaleups are navigating the uncertainties and opportunities of today, to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

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Now, more than ever, startups and scaleups are shaping the world of tomorrow. PwC is excited to be a part of this new era of entrepreneurship. Our network, experience and relationships with the key ecosystem players enable us to bring different types of investors, corporates and entrepreneurs together, accelerating growth and facilitating innovation.

Marko Korkiakoski, EMEA Startup/Scaleup Network Leader, Finland Private Company Services Leader, Partner, PwC Finland

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