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Transact to transform, transform to transact

Businesses worldwide need to sustain relevance and adapt their growth strategy to the new environment. Market and economic conditions are more challenging than ever before and technological advances such as AI mean that business model reinvention has to be on the table. Yet many are uncertain about which moves to make and how fast they can go.

Transact to transform will help you go further, faster by applying a holistic lens to reinvent your business model and achieve your sustainable growth ambitions.  Our proven approach is built around the co-creation and strategic execution of the value creation blueprint that reflects the reality of dynamic changes of your customers, your competitors and your technology-enabled capabilities. Whether it’s a transaction to accelerate your transformation, or a transformation to boost your deal return, draw on our sector, tax and functional expertise backed by our technology platforms and assets to co-create with a team that measures success by the value you have realised not just ideated. 

[Webcast] Executive perspectives: How transactions and transformation together achieve value creation

Two Fortune 500 executives will join PwC to discuss the key considerations — and results — from a shared focus on deals and transformation.

Where are you in your Transformational journey?

Transformations can be triggered by a number of scenarios depending on your business lifecycle, regulatory requirements, or industry disruption. We can help you at any stage in your journey to uncover and realise value.

Let us help

Our Transformation architects knit together the right mix of capabilities to realise results from your next transformation. Find out more about our skills here.

The future of businesses in every sector will depend on their ability to adjust to ‘megatrends’ (major social, economic, political, environmental or technological shifts) and the disruptive forces they create. Explore how your business can transform today to thrive tomorrow.

Value creation is at the heart of our deals methodology. When you work with PwC, you’ll have access to a diverse range of specialists to make this happen, whether it’s to repair value from market disruptions or create value as you evolve with industry changes.

PwC’s managed services solutions expands across a network of 14,000 industry experts that are trusted to manage and accelerate outcomes. Get in touch today.

Risk isn't about responding to change. It's about changing the way we see. Shifting our perspective. Considering different angles. To anticipate, be agile and build resilience.

Sustainability issues are having an increasingly dramatic impact on businesses, investors, consumers, the workforce and governments.

Under an OECD Inclusive Framework, more than 140 countries agreed to enact a two-pillar solution to address the challenges arising from the digitalization of the economy.

Transformation goes beyond implementation. At PwC, we think about your digital transformation journey with outcomes in mind.

At PwC we build tailored people and organisation solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic ambitions - reflecting their uniqueness but also grounded in rigorous analysis and data-driven insight.

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How are we helping to transform your industry

Every company is facing different challenges and market disruptions.  We work with our clients to understand their sector’s ecosystem and prepare them for a more resilience future.

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Malcolm Lloyd

Malcolm Lloyd

Global, EMEA and Spain Deals Leader, Partner, PwC Spain

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Mahadeva Matt Mani

Global Transformation Platform Co-Leader, Partner, Strategy& Netherlands

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Tom Archer

Global Technology Consulting & Alliances Leader, Transformation Platform Co-Leader, PwC US