Governance, risk and compliance solutions

Management need to rethink risk and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance.

Implementing the suitable Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework will enable organisations to identify the right approaches which contributes to process efficiency, improved risk management and internal controls.


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By aligning your GRC activities to business performance drivers, we can help you transform your programme from a reactive, check-the-box exercise into a powerful function able to anticipate and mitigate risk to deliver business performance.


Good governance is essential as the pressure for organisations to be transparent, accountable and socially responsible is greater than at any time in history. It is becoming clear that trust is key to all customers, stakeholders and citizens.

Demonstrating good governance involves creating the right framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes, including mechanisms to hold an organisation’s people to account. We help design a contemporary and effective governance framework and implement GRC technologies to support you stay on course as you achieve your purpose and goals.

Risk management

Risk management can be a strategic asset that drives business performance. By embedding management mechanisms that proactively identify, measure, prioritise and manage risk, leaders can gain the valuable insight they need to make informed decisions.

We advise across the spectrum of risk management, offer managed services and consulting as well as risk culture and business continuity assessments.

PwC's perspectives on the COSO ERM Framework

Controls & compliance

The enormous impact of recent ethical and compliance breaches on organisations serve as a stark reminder that organisations must be better prepared to keep up with the pace and scale of change in the regulatory and ethical compliance landscape, be confident of their compliance in a cost effective way, and be ready to take action when risks or incidents arise.

We offer a full range of integrated control, compliance and certification capabilities across all sectors, as more and more organisations look to the alignment of their compliance activities, and their digital enablement.


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