Stakeholder reporting

Demonstrating value and building trust through reporting

PwC’s CMAAS team delivers guidance on how to refine reporting processes, and supports organisations with meeting investors’ and stakeholders’ needs. Financial factors are no longer viewed as the sole drivers of value, and Boards are increasingly being asked by shareholders and society to demonstrate how they create value through insightful, rounded and trusted reporting.

Non-financial reporting

Key issues

  • Non-financial measures are becoming increasingly vital in evaluating an organisation’s performance, and investors are asking for more reliable and comparable reporting to inform their investment decisions

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased emphasis on the correlation of global actors, increased the underlying economic and social inequalities, and raised sharp questions about climate change and the role of business in today’s society. 

  • Organisations need to demonstrate their ability to build resilience for future shocks, proving to investors and society that they are committed to long-term sustainable value creation, and a carbon-neutral economy

  • The need for a comprehensive reporting strategy encompassing financial statements, sustainability reports, social reports, and websites-- embedding non-financial considerations, metrics and monitoring in underlying systems.

  • Considering the inclusion of non-financial information such as:

    • Non-financial assets, such as intangibles (e.g .intellectual capital), and real estate or equipment;

    • Non-GAAP information about business performance 

    • Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) related KPI’s, metrics, and scenario analysis

    • Policies and performance in relation to selected “Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) adopted by the UN as an international guide, and a strategic instrument for companies to signal risk mitigation and value preservation.

  • Building trust through transparent reporting: 

    • Identifying the relevant non-financial KPI’s and disclosures 

    • Providing reliable non-financial data for KPI reporting

    • Delivering adequate public reporting to satisfy the needs of stakeholders including society, investors,and  customers 


How CMAAS can help

  • Defining your reporting strategy and scope including:

    • Stakeholder needs

    • Investor requirements -- capital market story

    • Business strategy alignment

    • Selection of relevant non-financial KPI’s, outlining content reporting  and determining investor and broader stakeholder communications

    • Planning, budgeting

    • Compensation and evaluation

  • Gap Analysis

    • Operating model

    • Requirements for processing and reporting data

    • Internal Controls system

    • Development - integration with existing dashboards, planning, compensation

    • Data sources and quality of non-financial KPI

    • Legal requirements and standards

  • Embedding

    • Operating model and organisation

    • Guidelines, Policies and Internal Controls

    • IT technical implementation - adjustments to legacy systems and necessary addtitions

    • Culture and change management training

    • Produce non-financial reporting - story and data

    • Assurance readiness

Non-deal accounting and reporting

We support your organisation through financial changes. Through our comprehensive technical accounting and reporting services, we help guide organisations through regulatory changes, bankruptcy and forensic investigations as complex accounting and financial reporting challenges emerge. 

How can CMAAS help

Our team provides a wide range of financial accounting and reporting services across industries. We help manage complex business issues, administer change, safeguard compliance, and optimise the quality and efficiency of accounting services. We provide additional resources to  financial teams through periods of growth. CMAAS supports  businesses through organisational and regulatory change, and provides forensic assistance.

Our solutions include

  • Financial accounting and reporting

  • Regulatory change

  • Forensics

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Joga Singh

Joga Singh

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