PwC and Google Cloud

Bringing business into the cloud

Accelerating business transformation at scale

Today's business leaders are dealing with the challenges of how to fundamentally redefine their businesses for the digital age. PwC and Google Cloud provide clients the ability to unlock growth and innovation by strategically adopting next-generation Cloud and Workplace environments that are more nimble, adaptable, and collaborative - enabling the workforce to work the way they live.


PwC and Google Cloud collaborate in three main areas:

Cloud and analytics transformation

With Google Cloud Platform, companies can leverage a scalable cloud infrastructure solution and get access to Google’s secure and compliance-ready services. PwC can help you tap into Google’s powerful tools, which include data and analytics and machine learning, to help you build better products for your customers.

Workforce and productivity

Most people use some sort of G Suite product today, whether it’s Gmail or Google Sheets. But Google’s G suite platform can do much more than people think. By working with the PwC Google Team, your business can benefit from Google’s fully integrated G Suite solution. We can also give you the tools you need to resell or implement the platform. Use G Suite correctly and you’ll quickly see collaboration and productivity increase.

Industry-specific solutions

Need help developing concepts and solutions to suit your company’s challenges and goals? PwC works with industry leaders to provide sector-specific Google Cloud Platform implementations and to enable businesses to use Google’s numerous tools to their advantage. 

Dallas Dolen

Partner, Global and US Google Alliance Leader, PwC US


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PwC and Google Cloud - accelerating business transformation so you can work the way you live

"Ultimately, our collaboration is about helping clients to embrace their journey to the cloud, and transform their organisations to thrive and maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world."

Dallas Dolan, Partner, Global and US Google Alliance Leader, PwC US