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The new value equation for a cloud-based, business-led transformation

Meet the new value equation

Transformative technologies are able to cross the line between everyday and enterprise-ready. With Google, we’re helping businesses say hello to an innovative future where that line has never been slimmer. By combining our deep industry perspective with the end-to-end services and support to get integration done right, we help you modernize your operations with the power of Google. Cloud technologies plus business-led thinking: this is the new value equation, and it’s a formula for an innovative future. Tomorrow is here, and it’s bringing tech to work. Together, we’ll be ready to greet it.

Emerging Trust trends with respect to usage of public cloud for Financial Service Institutions

Adoption of cloud services as key enabling technologies is growing rapidly, so more and more executives consider security, privacy, compliance, sustainability, and skills development the foundations for building trusting relationships with cloud providers. Learn from industry leaders what key trends will continue to impact regulated customers in 2022 and beyond, and how PwC is collaborating with Google globally to help organizations on their journey in the cloud.

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PwC services on Google Cloud

PwC and Google Cloud collaborate in five main areas:

Cloud Transformation

PwC advises clients on their cloud journey from strategy through execution. We work with them to scale digital innovation, accelerate enterprise adoption, and manage enterprise risk. We help our clients make the right decisions and maximize investment at every part of their digital & cloud transformation journey.

Workforce and productivity

From increased business agility and flexibility to reduced costs, companies are building the business case to shift away from business-as-usual and orchestrate enterprise-wide transformation. As technical teams move down the migration path, there can be glitches along the way – especially if the security team is not involved from the beginning. PwC’s secure cloud migration offering is purpose-built to help companies migrate to GCP with security natively built-in and leverage repeatable blueprints and automations to gain efficiencies – all at enterprise scale.

Industry-specific solutions

PwC works with customers to change the way they manage and optimize their business through data analytics and AI enabled insights. We start first with an understanding of what our customers’ primary business objectives are, and then figure out how to achieve them with the right data set & analytics capabilities from GCP.


We combine our leading SAP experience and knowledge of GCP to guide clients on their S/4HANA journey. We develop strategy, help with workload migration and more — enabling successful transformations while unlocking the benefits of SAP on GCP. 

Financial Services

PwC combines our deep industry experience and regulatory knowledge with the power of Google Cloud to help financial services firms transform and grow their businesses. We work with financial services organizations across every stage of their cloud transformation journey, and have developed cloud-based solutions to help customers address regulatory requirements.


Fuse CX and EX. Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019

Better employee experience (EX) is key to better consumer experience (CX).


PwC Australia: Accounting for change with Apigee

PwC Australia uses Apigee to develop and monetise APIs as products for the global market of cloud general ledger and tax preparation users.

"Ultimately, our collaboration is about helping clients to embrace their journey to the cloud, and transform their organisations to thrive and maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world."

Dallas Dolan,Partner, Global and US Google Alliance Leader, PwC US
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Dallas Dolen

Dallas Dolen

Partner, Global Google Alliance Leader, PwC United States