PwC Germany named a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™- Salesforce Ecosystem Partners

May 08, 2023

PwC Germany named a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™- Salesforce Ecosystem Partners Germany for Multicloud Implementation and Integration Services for Large Enterprises

The ISG Provider Lens™ states that ‘Salesforce helps companies of all industries and sizes manage and improve their customer relationships. With its cloud-based approach, Salesforce can be used from anywhere, making it easier for its customers to manage their customer data and activities. The comprehensive feature set across sales, service and marketing makes Salesforce a preferred choice for companies looking to take their customer relationships to the next level.’

On Multicloud Implementation and Integration Services for Large Enterprises, the report says that, ‘Over the years, Salesforce has expanded its product strategy beyond CRM and ensured its presence in related applications, development, integration and reporting. ISG observes a rise in demand for Salesforce implementation and integration services among enterprises. Such services can enable the adoption and use of Salesforce cloud solutions and their peripheral tools’

The report goes on to say ‘In Germany, large enterprises with a global presence often prefer vendors that have demonstrated robust integration capabilities and can operate independently on a global scale without relying on partners. Language proficiency has been a major concern for German customers, wherein service providers offer Salesforce services in German and English for effective communication and reachability. German enterprise clients are seeking flexible resource locations (onshore, nearshore and hybrid) and dedicated teams based on their specific requirements, with service providers expanding their onshore presence through acquisitions, establishing new offices, and other investments.’

The report recognizes PwC’s leadership in Multicloud Implementation and Integration Services for Large Enterprises in six primary areas, stating: 

High level of industry expertise: PwC has a broad range of experience and knowledge in various industries and can use this knowledge to develop client-focused solutions tailored to the specific requirements and needs of each client.’

Global presence: PwC has a strong presence in the German market and, as a Global Strategic Partner of Salesforce, also meets the technical requirements for a multicloud implementation.’

Regional presence: PwC ensures proximity to clients. It also has significant industry experience.’

Broad Salesforce portfolio: PwC has a broad portfolio of Salesforce solutions. In addition to the standard packages, it can draw on internally developed platforms that have been customized for specific industries.’

Up-to-date market knowledge: Through its own studies, PwC has access to a lot of data and information on the current market situation and can adapt well to conditions and make better forecasts.’

Nearshore capacities: Through its global network, PwC can draw on nearshore capacities.’

Quinton Pienaar, Partner, PwC United Kingdom, said, “We are delighted to be named a Leader in this ISG Provider Lens. At PwC, we work at the intersection of technology and business to create innovations for clients that delight their customers and empower their customer service team members. We provide our clients with seamless access to cloud-based platform services, infrastructure and solutions. We do this by combining our technical and strategic know-how with Salesforce technology. Through our Salesforce-based solutions, our clients can transform their business process management (BPM) by automating and integrating core business processes quickly."

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