Cyber Risk Management for a Trusted and Transparent Enterprise

November 01, 2023

Increased digitisation and use of AI and cloud first strategies require companies to change the way they see risk, creating the need for more robust risk reporting and transparency for  C-level executives and risk professionals throughout the enterprise. 

PwC's Managed Cyber Risk solution enables cyber risk analytics and orchestration.  It includes an extensive catalogue of pre-loaded content and optional services led by its cyber risk professionals who are passionate about the topic and can work with clients to make the process of managing cyber risk easy. PwC provides tailored services according to each client’s needs. 

Alex Petsopoulos, Partner, Managed Cyber Risk Sponsor, PwC UK, says, 'Our Managed Cyber Risk solution accelerates our client’s journey towards real-time quantified risk decision-making. It  is founded in the principles of pragmatism, flexibility and explainability, recognizing both the scrutiny cyber risk attracts and the wide variety of maturity in risk management practices that exists across industries.'

In a recent PwC-sponsored IDC Spotlight, titled ‘Transformed Cyber-Risk: A Strategic Growth Driver for the Trusted and Transparent Enterprise’ (September 2023, IDC #EUR151167723), analysts state that, ‘Cyber-risk management is rapidly becoming a top priority for European security leaders and a key consideration for the broader C-suite. PwC is leveraging its risk management experience to support cyber-risk management with improved visualization and reporting to give ongoing, actionable insights into a business's cyber-risk position.’



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