Transformation through innovation, ecosystems and sustained outcomes

May 28, 2021

For businesses, 2021 will be a year of reinvention, and the pandemic has accelerated the ecosystem evolution. Clients don’t just need to accelerate digital transformation, they need to use the opportunity to innovate. Companies expect a seamless combination of business strategy, experience and technology to transform business, and achieve responsible growth.

The pace of change is unprecedented which means that to deliver true innovation you have to bring together the best talent, IP and technology, at greater speed, agility and scale than ever before. Digital ecosystems help to deliver this.

Mark Moffat, CTO and Head of Technology Consulting, PwC UK and EMEA, states, “We love helping our clients navigate disruption, gain competitive advantage and create sustainable change. By taking a proactive approach to disruption, leadership teams can be confident they will continue to meet customer needs, while building stronger relationships with stakeholders, regulators and society. A key part of delivering on this, is our ecosystem strategy.  It is a fast moving landscape which favours agile working and open mindedness to change ”

The IDC Vendor Profile PwC's Strategic Customer and Industry Ecosystems Strategy — Ecosystem Strategies of SIs and Strategy Consulting Firms in Europe 2021, reports that (PwC’s) “highly collaborative partnership approach enables significant innovation to real-world problems. It also encourages new knowledge and thinking across organizations.”

Christoph Hagmann, PwC Technology Consulting Lead, PwC Germany and EMEA states,

“We are delighted that IDC recognises PwC’s ecosystem strategy, and we will continue to focus on developing new digital ecosystem business models to support our clients in penetrating new markets and open up new customer segments.”

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