‘Junction accelerates deals’ clients’ time to value and PwC’s shift to platforms.’

September 22, 2021

TBR Special Report - TBR met with PwC’s Colin McIntyre to discuss PwC’s Deals practice, prompted in part by the changing market landscape as pandemic fears and headwinds in the U.S. and Europe appeared to be abating, accelerating interest in merger, acquisition and divestiture activities.

PwC describes its new Junction platform as “the digital connectivity point for Deals, providing an enriched, web-based platform for our clients to engage with the team’s insights and analysis. For our people, it creates a digital link between execution and delivery, automating manual processes and streamlining how we ‘report.’' In McIntyre’s more colourful words, Junction is a cloud-based “harvesting machine” for helping clients generate insights and allows PwC to link and talk with clients about their key investment thesis, rather than just keeping the various commercial, compliance and risk pieces in separate silos.”

In a special report, TBR highlights that ‘Junction’s creation as part of PwC Digital Labs and supported by the firm’s robust Deals practice, the BXT (Business, Experience, Technology) approach, and a reliance on data, research and analytics to drive from hypothesis to recommendations and outcomes underscores PwC’s persistent march of technology, adoption and business model changes over the last few years.’

The report mentions that, ‘In TBR’s view, the firm’s now long-standing emphasis on “digital fitness” for every professional lends credence to the assertion that the Deals professionals truly bring digital experience and expertise to their engagements. Further, the sustained investment in Digital Labs and commitment to ensure Labs collaborates across the entire firm bolster the technology credibility of Junction and the Deals practice as a whole. This credibility, earned through a sustained commitment to pivoting fully to both a digital-first and collaborative always business model, dovetails well with the New Equation, launched earlier this year. An emphasis on building trust internally and as part of a client’s core characteristics comes through in the Deals discussion as it has with other PwC practices, particularly when the firm highlights experience in the mergers and acquisitions space and transparency in the data, approach and analysis the firm provides.’

Colin McIntyre, Deals Digital Leader, PwC US, said, ‘Junction is a data-fuelled, digital destination that connects your team with ours in real time. It’s the hub where we focus on your hypotheses and the points critical to your deal. With Junction, you’re at the intersection of insights and communication and always connected to your deal — no matter where you are or what device you’re using — so you can make more confident decisions throughout your deal’s lifecycle. Our team will help to drive your businesses’ growth today and secure a stronger tomorrow with perspectives and analysis delivered in a singular, intuitive and interactive platform.’

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