Decarbonising the Value Chain transcript

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Nick Atkin:

Industrial businesses face a once in a generation set of challenges. The need to decarbonise the value chain means a focus on the end-to-end activities of the business. Meanwhile, supply chains are disrupted, costs are increasing, energy prices are spiralling. All having a massive implication on the viability of the organisation.

We think, by tackling both, you can create real competitive advantage.

Barry Middleton:

We think about tackling the value chain from both ends; the way you design, buy, make and deliver products and services to your customers.

Rachael Hampton:

So where do we start? We start with digital technology and data. Then we turn it out to the market. And by reporting clearly, responsibly, and with transparency we’ll start to show the market the value we can bring.

Nick Atkin:

Ultimately, we don't believe that a focus on decarbonisation means you can't achieve competitive advantage. With a relentless focus on carbon out initiatives, and a little bit of imagination and innovation, we think you can achieve both at the same time.

Barry Middleton:

We like to think about four ‘moments that matter’ through the value chain. Firstly, the design of your products. Secondly, the materials and commodities you're using. Thirdly, the resulting manufacturing operations and assembly processes and the energy you use to drive those processes. And finally, the logistics; how you move those goods around and deliver them to your end clients.

Rachael Hampton:

We work with our technology vendors and our hyperscalers to really join the dots together on a series of initiatives and frameworks to improve your sustainability targets.

Nick Atkin:

When you bring together the right industry insight, expertise, and technology with a team who focus on the right outcomes, we think you can bring decarbonisation into reality. And when you combine that with the right mindset, you bring decarbonisation from obligation to commercial opportunity.

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