PwC at COP28

Let's make climate action count

Solving together at COP28

As leaders gathered for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, UAE, from 30 November to 12 December, PwC joined the discussions to help advance meaningful action to address the climate and nature crises.

Solving these twin crises is going to take deep collaboration across all sectors and geographies, and PwC’s Net Zero Economy Index 2023 and the UN Global Stocktake synthesis report underscore the urgency needed. We’re committed to playing our part, and to help broker the radical collaboration needed to remove barriers and scale solutions. Let's make our climate actions count.

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Emma: So the COP process and being here in Dubai is a really extraordinary event. You've got 70,000 odd people all gathered together with a single mission to pursue action on climate change. 

Bob: It's clear that the COP is talking about a couple of different angles. One is mitigation. Second is the transformation of the energy uses and the carbons associated with it. And third is adaptation. The reality is there's opportunity in all of those, as well as an opportunity to mitigate the downside risk from this transition that we're talking about and doing it in a just way.

Eu Lin: Just transition is not only about technologies, it's not only about getting the emissions down, but also bringing along society so that no one is left behind. It is an extremely complex situation and I think something that PwC, with the might of our knowledge and also our people and talent, can really help with.

Lit Ping: I've just come from an event around women and sustainability, and I think that is incredibly important, that we recognize the need to bring a diverse voice to the table so that every decision that we're making around climate action is an inclusive one. 

Will: We need to move quickly to reduce carbon in our energy system. And the quickest way to do that is just not using the energy in the first place. Energy efficiency is fundamentally important. We believe that we could reduce energy demand by 30% with existing technologies and if they were fully deployed.

Andrew: It's clear in order to reach the net zero target that's required to limit the rise in temperatures to at most 1.5 degrees more than $4 trillion annually of new investments are going to be required in areas like clean energy, in areas like energy efficiency and new forms of transportation. And of course, there's going to be no investment without financing.

Emma: We're living the experience of climate change now. It makes business common sense and just common sense for the security of people to think, how do we adapt to how the climate is changing?  The reality is that adaptation has not had enough focus. It has not got enough finance, and there's a long way to go to get it firmly on the business agenda. 

Dion: So when one compares businesses with government, businesses are generally seen to be much more focused and much more skillful at execution. So whilst on the one hand it is the role of government to set the policy, to set the agenda, it is really business that actually make things happen. 

Bob: And so coming out of COP, what's gotta to happen is a continuation of refining what's being discussed here today and then a periodic check to make sure that we have accountability, accountability by governments, by corporate entities, for that matter, citizens to say, have we changed and are we changing fast enough? And what we need to make sure we do is set the stage for the next intervention be it a G20 or G7 meeting or the next COP to make sure that we're demonstrating to the world that we're actually making progress. So coming out of here, it's actions and impact, not the words.

Our presence at COP28

PwC was honored to participate in events throughout COP, bringing leaders together to explore solutions on key topics, such as:

  • Financing and scaling climate technology
  • Transforming energy demand
  • Climate adaptation to protect value and society
  • Nature-positive business strategies

We would like to thank the numerous business, policy and NGO leaders who came together to explore actions we can take to turn climate ambition into practical, purpose-led plans.

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What can drive change in the future that we have not seen in the past?

A word from our leaders at COP28

Radical collaboration

“We need systemic change that ensures the incentives in market economies contribute towards positive outcomes for society and the planet. It’s about rewiring the fundamental system of incentives, norms and values that drive the economy.”

Bob MoritzGlobal Chair, PwC
Emma Cox

Energy demand reduction

“We need to act to reduce the intensity of energy demand, not just transform supply. Because the lowest carbon gigawatt is one you do not use. We need a focus on demand reduction alongside decarbonisation.”

Will Jackson-MooreGlobal Sustainability Leader, PwC UK
Will Jackson-Moore

Nature action

“We need more businesses to act and report on nature, to drive a shift in global financial flows away from nature-negative outcomes and toward nature-positive outcomes.”

Emma CoxGlobal Climate Leader, PwC UK
Emma Cox

Technology acceleration

“We need business and government to assume leadership roles in climate technology. This will require focus, increased funding, and changes in regulatory and reporting requirements to enable the growth of a climate technology ecosystem.”

Hani AshkarSenior Partner, PwC Middle East
Hani Ashkar

Climate adaptation

“We need business and private investors to support adaptation solutions and innovations that governments may have difficulty financing, but that are mutually beneficial.”

Dion ShangoTerritory Senior Partner, PwC Africa
Dion Shango

Non-financial reporting

“High quality and robust standards are the ‘guard rails’ that provide stakeholders with information that show progress against sustainability goals, and which are decision useful.”

Eu-Lin FangSustainability and Climate Change Practice Leader, PwC Singapore
Eu-Lin Fang


“The scale of investment needed to achieve net zero has to be viewed as an opportunity. This is the chance for investors to be at the forefront of the transition to a cleaner economy, creating profound social and economic value. De-risking carbon transition projects is key to unlocking this future.”

Kevin EllisAlliance Senior Partner, PwC United Kingdom and Middle East

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PwC’s sustainability commitments 

net zero

Net zero

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, business, government and society need to work together to transition to a net zero economy. At PwC, we believe the business community has a role to make that happen. We're committed to leading by example and reaching net zero in line with 2030 targets.

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Creating a nature positive future

As well as addressing our own nature footprint, we at PwC are helping to build the systems and frameworks that will deliver the trusted information needed to underpin a nature positive transition. We are committed to playing our part in delivering a nature positive world.

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The Energy Transition

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