What is the impact of AI on government policy and society?

Balancing the potential with issues around regulation, ethics, privacy and equality.

AI may determine who leads and who lags in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Benefitting from AI in the coming years requires smart policy decisions now.

A richer, fairer, more sustainable society

A better future is possible: AI creating global wealth and jobs, making government more efficient, enabling industry to do more with less, fostering development, fighting pandemics, and protecting the environment.

Bad outcomes are possible too: a few countries and individuals seizing the prize as the rest fall behind; profit-seeking algorithms that invade privacy, disrupt democracy, and savage the planet.

How can policymakers ensure that AI creates a better future for their populations? Smart regional, national, and municipal AI strategies will attract talent and investment. The right regulations for accountability, privacy, explainability, and social responsibility will help AI be safe and trusted. With studies of AI’s impact on the workforce, followed by school reforms and upskilling for the new human + machine paradigm, jobs will be plentiful. And AI-enhanced government agencies will deliver services and interact with their citizens more transparently and effectively.

It’s so important to get AI right, policymakers can’t leave it to computer scientists alone. As they develop policies, they should include legal experts, economists, ethicists, psychologists, philosophers and—of course—the populations that they serve.

How we can help

PwC is already working with multiple governments as they use AI to improve their populations’ lives. Our services include:

  • developing AI strategies that match national or local strengths and needs
  • advising leaders on the latest AI developments
  • upskilling government workforces, automating and augmenting government services to citizens
  • helping shape regulations to attract investment and encourage responsible AI
  • creating AI-powered simulation models to assess policies and improve forecasts
  • fostering collaboration between government agencies, private sector AI leaders, academia, and civil society
  • helping government agencies develop and deploy AI tools

AI is a giant prize. PwC can help governments make the right decisions so their populations gain maximum benefits from it.

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