Winning in the digital age
How we can help

Develop a global growth strategy

We can help you develop new market-oriented growth strategies tailored to your business’s strengths, needs and ambitions - strategies that are specifically geared to the varying dynamics of different markets.

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Navigate the complexity of globalisation

We can help to identify the right priorities to deploy across business units, functions and respective geographies - and successfully deliver these priorities in key markets.

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Enter new markets

We can help you assess the attractiveness of new Growth Markets, identify the right customers and evaluate what products or services to take to market at the correct price.

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Make sense of regulation

We can help you manage different local regulations, when you enter new markets, as well as identifying and controlling future regulatory risks.

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Grow and innovate

From building Innovation Incubators to global R&D centres to product lifecycle management systems, we can help you develop new innovative businesses, products and services that enable sustained, consistent results.

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Navigate the tax policy landscape

We can help you understand and comply with your fiscal and regulatory tax obligations, resolve challenges and maximise value over time on the basis of full disclosure.

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Getting and keeping customers

Demographic and technological changes are causing massive economic shifts, both between and within countries – and thus equally momentous swings in consumption.

The world is getting wealthier: the number of middle-class consumers is projected to rise dramatically over the next 15 years, especially in Asia. That’s creating all sorts of new opportunities, particularly for companies in the sectors on which richer consumers typically spend their money.

But the customer base is fragmenting. The gap between the rich and poor is widening; urbanisation is exacerbating the rural-urban divide; and the structure of the household is evolving as the nuclear family gives way to a much wider variety of family types.

The competition is simultaneously increasing as emerging-market companies fight for the same consumers that mature-market companies are targeting. Technology has also lowered the barriers to entry in many industries, and some of the most disruptive new players could come from completely unexpected quarters.

What does this mean for your business?

The most successful businesses are tackling these challenges in several ways. They’re pursuing new market opportunities in new territories. They’re also creating customised products and services for clearly defined demographic segments – and some of them recognise that chasing wealth isn’t the only route to growth.

Collectively, the billions of people at the base of the pyramid possess immense buying power, so focusing on underserved populations can be as profitable as it’s socially desirable. But serving these new consumers entails adopting fundamentally different manufacturing, marketing and selling techniques.

Some companies are also tapping into the shared economy. Technology has provided the tools with which to measure – and monetise – spare capacity accurately and easily. And in a connected world, customers don’t have to own a product or service to enjoy it.


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