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PwC at COP28

Join us: Let's make climate action count

PwC was excited to participate in events throughout COP28, that bringing leaders together to explore solutions on climate and nature. The schedule below includes some of our in-person events. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with our team, or visit our PwC at COP28 page to explore our insights.

Our events in Dubai from 30 Nov to 10 Dec 2023

Industrialising net-zero innovation: Showcasing pioneering technologies from the Future50

Thursday, 30 November

Time: 9.00–12.00 GST 
Location: PwC Dubai Experience Centre (by invitation)

This session will examine the key themes of climate tech within the Middle East region, current trends in the venture capital space, and challenges and opportunities for climate tech start-ups.

Taking stock of The Global Stocktake: Where can we find hope?

Sunday, 3 December

Time: 10:30–11:30 GST
Location: Green Zone, Extreme Hangout Main Stage, in Al Forsan Park

The Global Stocktake, first published in October sparked a deluge of headlines.  This event, curated by Extreme Hangout, will look beyond the headlines to see if there is an opportunity to explore a brighter future built on collective effort between an interconnected global community.  PwC’s Global Climate Leader, Emma Cox, will join this panel of advisors and activists focused on climate initiatives.

Adaptation now: Managing risk and resilience to protect value and society

Sunday, 3 December

Time: 15.30–16.30 GST 
Location: Blue Zone, Business + Buildings Pavilion

PwC and the Climate Champions Team will be launching a new report on accelerating business action towards the Sharm el Sheikh Adaptation Agenda 2030 outcomes. The report aims to bridge the gap between business action and the global SAA adaptation outcome targets, and highlights the role of businesses in delivering economic, social and environmental resilience. The panel will look at how actions already being taken are helping to deliver against the SAA’s outcome targets - and how achieving these will in turn support business adaptive capacity and resilience.

Watch live online by tuning in at the specified date and time here.

How can MDBs and DFIs catalyse private finance for mitigation and adaptation

Monday, 4 December

Time: 12.30–13.30 GST
Location: Blue Zone, UK Pavilion

The climate financing gap faced by emerging markets and low-income countries has been widely covered - UNEP estimates that the finance gap for adaptation alone for developing countries is US$194 billion to US$366 billion per year. Public finance alone will not fill this gap, so how can multilateral development banks (MDBs) and development finance institutions (DFIs) crowd in significantly more private capital? This panel will explore opportunities and challenges in scaling blended finance. The discussion will also Consider the G20's Independent Review of MDBs Capital Adequacy Frameworks to increase their financial capacity and risk appetite, and how much additional finance could be mobilised for climate and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) if the recommendations were fully implemented.

Operationalising net zero: Value creation and pathways for corporations

Tuesday, 5 December

Time: 13.00–14.45 GST
Blue Zone, Singapore Pavilion

This event will debut two new reports: the WBCSD’s report on “Corporate Performance and Accountability System (CPAS) for Climate Action agenda”; and PwC's report on “Enabling a net zero world”. The first report offers a structured approach for businesses to set net-zero targets, develop transition plans, and provide transparent carbon performance reporting guidance. The “Enabling a net zero world” report will explore the landscape and latest developments in renewable energy procurement and carbon offsets, and provide a guide on the use of renewable energy certificates and carbon credits. In addition to launching these two reports, the event will feature panellists from the private and public sector discussing the practical approaches towards net zero operationalisation.

Nature's wealth: Bridging economic resilience with water and biodiversity prosperity

Tuesday, 5 December

Time: 13.30–14.30 GST
Location: Blue Zone, Resilience Hub Pavilion

Hosted by The Natural History Museum and The Nature Conservancy, this session will cover the interconnected relationship between water resilience, biodiversity and economic stability. PwC will participate on the panel, discussing the importance of water being the linchpin of economic resilience, impacting various sectors such as agriculture, energy and tourism. Topics presented will also cover the indispensable role of biodiversity and nature in safeguarding our planet's health and human well-being, and the synergy between water and nature, showcasing how healthy ecosystems contribute to clean water resources.

Transforming energy demand

Tuesday, 5 December

Time: 13.30–14.30 GST
Location: Blue Zone, Business + Buildings Pavilion

Transforming energy demand is the fastest way to get the global energy transition back on track, while at the same time driving accelerated business and national growth. Companies in all sectors have untapped potential to mitigate emissions, accelerate the energy transition and build competitive advantage by prioritising their energy intensity. Businesses can spearhead this shift through value chain and public/private collaborations. This presents a tremendous opportunity for the wider energy system to bring both economic and social benefits. The panel discussion will explore several pathways for businesses to drive change, as well as practical examples from business and policy interventions.

Watch live online by tuning in at the specified date and time here.

Pioneering sustainability: Towards a Middle Eastern green deal

Tuesday, 5 December

Time: 14.30–16.30 GST
Location: PwC Dubai Experience Centre (by invitation)

In the wake of global movements steering economic growth to respect environmental boundaries, the Middle East stands at a crossroads between its rich heritage and an ecologically sustainable future. In partnership with the Global Ethical Finance Initiative, this event aims to be the catalyst for a region-specific sustainability blueprint, drawing inspiration from landmark policies such as the European Green Deal and the Inflation Reduction Act, while tailoring strategies to the unique Middle Eastern context. 

Pioneering climate tech: Investing, scaling and growing net-zero solutions

Wednesday, 6 December

Time: 11.00–12.00 GST
Location: Green Zone, Microsoft Pavilion

Technology will play a critical role in bending the decarbonisation arc and adapting to climate change. But if climate tech is to deliver significant impact, it will take much more financing than is currently flowing into the category. This session will start with a keynote presentation on the state of climate tech globally and where the investment landscape is heading. Two start-up founders will join the panel to discuss challenges and opportunities innovators come across in growing and scaling climate solutions.

Bridging finance and biodiversity for inclusive locally led climate action

Wednesday, 6 December

Time: 16.30–17.30 GST
Location: Blue Zone, Resilience Hub Pavilion

Hosted by Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF), African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA), and The Tenure Facility, this session looks at the interplay between finance and biodiversity as a potent opportunity to address climate change comprehensively and drive lasting positive outcomes. Connecting climate finance with local communities enhances the efficient allocation of financial resources for climate-resilient projects, ensuring that the unique needs and circumstances of local communities are thoroughly taken into account and integrated into sustainable development strategies. PwC will participate on a panel exploring the financing of nature based solutions for locally led climate action. Practical examples will be presented from Africa and Latin America.

Green skilling your workforce to drive your sustainability agenda

Wednesday, 6 December

Time: 16.00–17.00 GST
Location: Blue Zone, South Africa Pavilion

People and the workforce play a crucial role in enabling successful sustainability agendas as they are the main agents of change for driving performance and transformation. Technical solutions will not solely solve our future challenges around food, water security, climate change and biodiversity. However, they will play a vital role in reducing the future impacts from these challenges. But these technical solutions require people with new skills and attitudes to design, develop and drive these solutions. 

PwC South Africa will host a panel discussion to unpack key elements from the PwC report Enabling net zero through a green workforce in Africa as well as results from a recent survey conducted in Africa. We will supplement these through the lived experiences from each company. 

A sustainable built environment: Seizing the Middle East’s US$2 trillion opportunity

Thursday, 7 December

Time: 9:00 AM–11:00 GST
Location: PwC Dubai Experience Centre (by invitation)

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are in the midst of a massive construction boom, with whole new cities—not just new buildings—taking shape across the region. With a staggering US$2 trillion in construction projects planned, the region has an extraordinary opportunity to become a pioneer in the development and use of sustainable technologies and techniques for the built environment. Our panellists will explore actions that key stakeholders—whether regulators, developers or sovereign wealth funds—would need to take to make this happen.

Developing a Sustainable Tourism Development Project

Thursday, 7 December

Time: 12:00–13:00 GST
Location: Extreme Hangout Main Stage, in Al Forsan Park

The tourism industry is a major contributor to Global GDP and economic growth in many countries.  However, this growth also comes with environmental impacts.  Curated by Extreme Hangout, this panel brings together five leading professionals in the area of travel and tourism to delve into the strategies and solutions for a brighter, more eco-conscious future in our tourism industry.

Navigating the nexus of gender and sustainability

Thursday, 7 December

Time: 14.30–16.30 GST
Location: PwC Dubai Experience Centre (by invitation)

This event will start with an inspirational keynote address by a trailblazing activist at the forefront of gender and climate advocacy. A panel discussion will then explore the systemic imbalances that undermine women's roles in sustainability and how we can champion a gender-equitable future where the transformative power of women is fully harnessed in leading us towards ecological and social resilience.

Managing the nature-business nexus: From understanding to action

Saturday, 9 December

Time: 15:30-16:30 GST, followed by a networking reception
Location: Blue Zone, Business + Buildings Pavilion

The importance of nature is becoming increasingly clear. PwC research finds that 55% of global GDP—equivalent to about US$58 trillion—is moderately or highly dependent on nature. With so many natural ecosystems at risk, business has a crucial role to play in restoring habitats and preserving the value of nature. This will be key to addressing the climate crisis as climate and nature are deeply interconnected and need to be solved together. This panel will explore how businesses can take practical steps to develop and implement a well-designed nature and climate strategy, build value and resiliency in the process, and make meaningful change.

Watch live online by tuning in at the specified date and time here.

Decarbonising Asia’s agri-food system: The road ahead

Sunday, 10 December

Time: 14.15–16.00 GST 
Location: Blue Zone, Singapore Pavilion

The 2023 Asia Food Challenge Report highlights the potential that Asia’s agri-food can play in reducing global carbon emissions with the urgent implementation of decarbonisation practices and technologies suited for the region. This report examines key problem areas within the sector, and the various reachable and existing solutions that can be implemented to decarbonise its value chain while increasing food production and improving livelihoods. 

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