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Our close affiliation to some of the world's most prestigious industry events gives our partners and directors the opportunity to share thinking around the opportunities and challenges facing entertainment and media companies worldwide.

MWC Barcelona 2019 

Connect the things that matter most

How to make 5G a commercial success? 

How to accelerate the speed of small cell deployment while simultaneously lowering the cost in order to make the small cell model work?  

Which strategies will IoT solutions demonstrate to show that they can deliver real, meaningful value using wireless connectivity? 

How to protect data from theft, copyright infringement and privacy threats? 

What will be the impact of increasing tariffs, taxes and trade disputes on industry growth? 

PwC was at MWC in Barcelona, 25-28 February, 2019 where we demonstrated how we are creating value through connectivity across the mobile value chain.

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Ennèl van Eeden

Global Entertainment and Media Leader, Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)88 792 45 40

Chris Vollmer

Global advisory leader, Entertainment and media

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Thomas Tandetzki

Global Telecommunications and TMT Assurance Leader, PwC Germany

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Global TMT Tax & Legal Leader, PwC India

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Global, Mainland China and Hong Kong Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Leader, PwC China

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