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New opportunities ahead with 5G

5G hits critical mass.

4G brought life to new business ventures like ride sharing and streaming video. As 5G hits critical mass, it can stretch the limits of our imaginations. 5G can empower businesses to create entirely new experiences, connect in inventive ways and address long-standing problems. 5G has the potential to challenge and change how we work, play and interact on a daily basis. 

Businesses are tasked with turning the hype into results, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Executives have many choices to make: how to develop use cases and applications, where to invest and when.

PwC can help sort through it all by focusing on value and results, and we helping deliver strategies and tools that drive transformational results. We’re working with leading companies now, mapping out strategies to exploit 5G capabilities as networks expand globally.  


Getting 5G right with PwC

What makes 5G exciting for businesses also makes it challenging: the most rewarding use cases and applications likely haven’t been imagined yet. The possibilities are endless — and thus harder to plan for.

PwC can help. We know how to intelligently adapt business models, match technologies to outcomes and prepare the right people with the right skills for the challenges ahead. Based on our deep understanding of industries, global markets and technology, PwC can help you chart write a winning road map for 5G.

Do you have plans to address 5G’s timing and operational costs, and how it will affect workforce planning and security? Where do you need the most support?

"5G is not just a faster, better mobile network. It’s the key to unlocking many emerging technologies, including Robotics, AI, IoT and Drones, and to creating entirely new applications and business models."

Wilson ChowGlobal Technology, Media and Telecommunications Leader, Partner, PwC China


5G will support new products, service experiences and operational capabilities. Companies can get ahead if they know when, where and how to enter the market. Leading companies can prepare by modelling variables and pinpointing the right moves and the optimal timing.

Operational costs

Companies should plan for possible waves of impacts to operating costs. For example, after an initial investment, massive IoT deployments may lower costs; for some enterprises, lower latency and more powerful computing features may initially cause operational costs to rise.

Workforce planning

Today's workforce may not be equipped with the technical capabilities that 5G-enabled services require. Companies will need to assess their teams, then possibly reorganise and upskill them, to fully realise their 5G investments.


Data protection and privacy measures must match the speed and scale of 5G. Compliance is one key component of 5G planning; how to build and maintain trust is another, equally important requirement. 


Connect more of your tech

Devices, machines and systems will become more tightly interconnected as 5G comes online, weaving technology even more firmly into the fabric of daily life. In all sectors, companies that harness the 5G network stand to gain enormous economic impact. 

Preparing for greater impact 

Turning the 5G hype into an advantage requires careful planning and a full-circle view of the business. PwC can help you uncover ways to use 5G to support existing technology plans and supercharge strategies for growth. PwC can:


Define a 5G monetisation strategy
Define a 5G monetisation strategy

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Wilson Chow

Wilson Chow

Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Industry Leader, PwC China