We need to talk about the future of mining

A report that brings together insights and perspectives on the disruptive forces that could transform the mining sector

The trick to seeing the future is knowing where to look for it

Mining is often considered a relatively straightforward business, with an integrated value chain and strong control over many of the variables of production. Or is it?

PwC’s latest mining report considers how some of the fast-paced disruptive influences evident today could impact the mining sector, and what mining executives can do now to prepare for such an uncertain tomorrow. 

Join the conversation #futureofmining2017



Join the conversation #futureofmining2017
Join the conversation #futureofmining2017

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What do miners need to think about today to be ready for the future? | Duration 1:17

The possibility of blockchain

Imagine being able to securely and irrevocably verify the provenance of the raw materials in a new car or jewellery? Or digitally trade geo-tagged cubic metres of gold ore - while it's still in the ground? Blockchain is a potentially revolutionary new technology that can transform the mining sector. 

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"We can't predict the future but we believe the conversation about what the future might look like is an important one."

Jock O’Callaghan, Global Mining & Metals Leader, PwC Australia

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